Dookey Dash Gets Exploited In The First Week But You Shouldn’t Worry

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The recent launch of Yuga Labs’ Sewer Pass has sparked some excitement. The NFT gives access to Dookey Dash, an “endless” Web3 game where players earn access to rarer mints in the future Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem. Interestingly, it took one user less than a week to exploit the game successfully.

Dookey Dash Has Been Exploited

When it comes to skill-based games, people will often try to find shortcuts. It can be tricky to get better at something unless one puts in tremendous amounts of time. Although several tips and guides exist for Dookey Dash, exploiting the game was always a matter of time. Not everyone is cut out for fine-tuning their dashing, resetting the dash, collecting fragments, or ignoring their scores. In addition, not everyone wants to spend ApeCoin on a Powershart Pack, although it is an appealing option.

Even though Dookey Dash has been exploited, it is hard to do so. More specifically, Yuga Labs has ensured the team collects metadata from every player session. Any wrongdoings or cheeky actions can void all rewards or even revoke access altogether. It is not worth the risk for those looking ton make a quick buck. However, that doesn’t mean the game is 100% perfect and without security holes. 

As seen in the Tweet above, Cygaar spent five days figuring out a Dookey Dash exploit. They didn’t want to gain any unfair advantage but rather determine if it was “possible”. Unsurprisingly, it is possible to exploit the game, even if it isn’t easy. The user acknowledges Yuga Labs closed off the most obvious loopholes, which is a good sign. Unfortunately, no code is ever flawless, and a crafty mind can get around most obstacles. 

Cygaar spent three days cobbling together code to exploit the game. However, they acknowledge it is tough to do and requires dealing with many variables. Using the approach to set a new all-time high score among all players would theoretically be possible. In reality, it wouldn’t be worth the effort. Moreover, the Yuga security team would likely find out quickly and ensure the exploiter can’t access future rare mints. 

A Closely Guarded Secret

Despite sharing video evidence of the exploit, no one knows how it works exactly. Cygaar has no intention of sharing the code or explaining how the exploit works. However, they are in contact with Yuga Labs to patch the issue as soon as possible. Again, there is no intention of securing financial gain or pocketing rare NFT mints.

Instead, it is a matter of ensuring the game is secure and fair to everyone. It is not impossible someone else will stumble upon this exploit if they look hard enough. Therefore, fixing it swiftly is essential. 

The big question is whether Dookey Dash has other loopholes to exploit. While this approach took five days to “work”, it is unlikely that will be the only loophole. However, other approaches may require even more work if this one is hard to pull off.

Cygaar has indicated they will look at other ways to gain advantages in the game and report those accordingly. Ensuring the future of Dookey Dash is essential, and game-breaking exploits need to be phased out. 

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