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Who are the Bulldroids?

The Bulldroids herited from an epic story. In 5865, scientists augmented three bulldogs with cybernetics and artificial intelligence. Lost in the space, the managed to land on a wild planet and discovered a mysterious stone called K9 “canine”.

The discovery of the K9 marked the beginning of the end of the friendship between the three original bulldroids, who split into three gangs and fought a merciless war worthy of the greatest gladiators.

The Bulldroids Collection

Bulldroids is a rare collection of 9,999+1 NFTs algorithmically generated on the Ethereum blockchain. These NFTs are assembled from over 260 traits, with none of them being identical. Apart from being super cool, Bulldroids, which are 16 Bits Pixel Art Bulldogs Droids, will surely fuel your adventure in a really interesting Metaverse world.

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If you’re a gamer or you’re into cryptocurrencies, or better still, you’re into both, then this is perfect for you! 

All 9,999 Bulldroids are divided into 3 factions of 3,333 Bulldroids. Each of these gangs impacts the Metaverse’s evolution and depending on their victories, each will gain advantages accordingly. For the gangs, it’s all about teamwork!

Meet the 3 Factions

The Burpoids

While their names might suggest otherwise, the Burpoids are the cleverest of the Bulldroids. They take in huge amounts of information and digest them to create genius plans. These Bulldroids are fantastic builders and engineers and they cannot stand those who do not respect their skills. The Burpoids’ greatest strength is reflection

The Fartoids

These are the adventurers. They always seek to see what lies beyond their horizon. With their natural gases, they are constantly fueled to move forward and they will always go all out to crush their obstacles. The greatest asset the Fartoids have is instinct

The Snoroids

The Snoroids are always in the realm between sleep and life. They are always half awake half asleep, and they are the most spiritual Bulldroids. Their minds often wander to the edges of the universe, even as they search for the universe’s deepest secrets. The thing about these Snoiroids is that they hate being disturbed. The Snoroids’ greatest strength is intuition

What is the Bulldroids’ Play-to-Earn Game Like?

You get to fight different Bulldroids from rival gangs in 1-on-1 fights.

These fights can be traced back to the popular rock-paper-scissors game, as this is where the inspiration for these games came from. 

For every victory, you will be rewarded with K-9. This is an important resource if you want to evolve in the Bulldroids’ world but also as a cryptocurrencie and it is the whole point of the game.

Every player plays to earn a K-9. By taking part in duels every day, the Bulldroids can earn K9 that will serve to pimp their character, receive a new generation of NFT, and participate in the metaverse.

You can play the game on both your phones and laptops or computers, as both the mobile and desktop versions will be made available. 

Unique Characteristics of the Bulldroids

Each Bulldroid has distinct unique characteristics that help it evolve in the game as it advances to the next level. These characteristics are;

  • The Pawer Score

This is a genetic attribute that each Bulldroid has, and it ranges from 3 to 10, depending on the rarity. With the Pawer Score, a Bulldroid can acquire special powers to help it trick its opponents right before a fight, thereby giving it a unique advantage. 

  • The Lazy Score

This is also a genetic attribute that each Bulldroid has, but this ranges from 10 to 100 volts. For every fight done by your Bulldroids, its Lazy Score will be consumed until it is empty.

This means that the Bulldroid has become too tired to continue, and must recharge its batteries before it can continue. The Bulldroids recharge their batteries by taking naps in their kernels. 

  • Bulldro-Shed Charge

The Bulldro-Sled Charge is what an owner of a Bulldroid receives after a sell-out. This Bulldro-Sled Charge is a unique Bulldro-Shed algorithmically generated NFT. The Bulldro-Sleds are randomly distributed, so you can get a rare Bulldro-Shed even if what you have is a common Bulldroid. 

The advantage of the Bulldro-Sheds is that they allow Bulldroids to restore their Lazy Score more quickly, ranging from 4 hours to 16 hours, depending on what kind of Bulldro-Shed was acquired. 

A Map of the Metaverse

Bulldro World is a world that keeps on growing and allows you to interact with your environment. All owners of Bulldroids get to shape the development of the Metaverse by actively participating in the life of the community. 

Win The Mystery

Deep within the legendary K9 cave lies a mysterious egg. This egg contains a special creature that will be the #10.000

This will be the first of an upcoming 2nd Gen. You may become the lucky winner of this legendary creature by owning a 1st Gen Bulldroid.

Participate in the Monthly Competition

Every month, you get to join forces with your gang and face your rivals. You can also try to earn your gang’s respect on your own. Each month comes with unique events to win upgrades for your Bulldroid. The winners take all!

Each Bulldroid is Genetically Unique

As earlier stated, Bulldroids are made up of 260 Handcrafted Elements drawed by Francesca De Vivo, a pixel game artist and so no two Bulldroids are alike; each one is genetically unique.

Some Bulldroids are rarer than others. This difference is determined by their genetic makeup. 

Everything You Should Know About the Presale Coming Up On January 14, 2022.

Get super excited and ready as the Bulldroids is set to be launched on the 14th of January, 2022. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this launch date.

Development Roadmap for Bulldroids

Q1 2022

  • Game Launch « Burp – Fart – Snore ».
  • Game Prototype released to the community.
  • Rarity data added to & Rarity Sniper
  • Exclusive Merch for our Discord community

Q2 2022

  • Game Launch.
  • Launch of Gen 2 (priority access for Gen 1 holders)
  • Hugh Advertising campaign (200’000$)
  • Metaverse Map Prototype with the Discord community

Q3 2022

  • Metaverse V1 (Bulldro-Shed ; Shop ; Monthly contests)
  • Community Voting on the Future of the Bulldroids Project
  • Bulldroids Cartoon.

Q4 2022

  • Metaverse V2 (Art gallery, casino, theme park…)
  • K9 on Coinmarketcap & Coingecko.
  • Gen 2 game Launch voted by the community (race ; adventure ; strategy)

Why You Should Definitely Buy a Bulldroid at the Presale the 14 th January 2022

If you’re among the first people to buy the Bulldroids at the presale on the 14th of January, 2022, here are some benefits you’ll be entitled to:

  • If you’re one of the first 50 people to own an NFT, you get to mine it for free.
  • The earlier you buy a Bulldroid, the less you get to pay. This means that the more you postpone buying, the more expensive it would be. (0.05 ETH/NFT for the 3000 first; 0.075/NFT for 3000-6000; 0.10 ETH for 6000-9996).
  • The 3 Founding Bulldroids and the mysterious Bulldroid will all be given through lottery to Bulldroid owners.

The 14th of January, 2022 is when this presale will be happening!

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