Don’t Miss Out on Big Eyes Coin Casino, Locked and Loaded for Launch on Aug 29


Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is arguably one of the biggest presales in recent years and has the potential of becoming the largest ever in the history of ICOs. Will it hold up to investors’ expectations once it launches in June?

And now, to bolster the value of Big Eyes Coin, the team behind the token will be developing a crypto casino with all the fixings you need to play your favorite games of roulette, poker, baccarat, and many others.

Big Eyes Coin’s casino will have a collection of 4,000 games, large enough to hold any avid gambler’s attention. All payouts will be in BIG and all entries will be in BIG. The project carries a total supply of 200,000,000,000 tokens, which is more than enough liquidity to fuel an operational casino.

Is a Casino Good for Big Eyes Coin? Yes And Here’s Why!

When it comes to meme coins, there’s a lot that could make or break the value of a token. Most of that “lot” comes down to how strong your ecosystem is. If you look at projects like Floki Inu, they have P2E games, various charitable initiatives, and a digital university called “Flokiverse”.

A casino where people can come together and enjoy traditional gambling games alongside newer games can do wonders for Big Eyes Coin’s ecosystem, strengthening the value of the token as well.

It is expected that Big Eyes Coin’s new project will add significant buying pressure to the token and can potentially increase the sustained price level of Big Eyes Coin and the number of unique users buying the token.

Having a token that is regularly used in a functional economy – whether it is created by a casino or an NFT store – can contribute to its 24-hour trading volume, boosting its value.

Higher trading volumes can also be a common problem that afflicts all cryptocurrencies which is volatility. Having a token that is regularly sold and bought reduces the spread (the difference between the number of buy orders and sell orders).

Big Eyes Coin’s new casino will only be paying out in BIG. This will create an economy that uses only the token for most of its operations. When token merchandise gets released or new perks become available, they will only be purchasable with BIG.

The Big Eyes Presale is Wrapping up but the Casino is Here to Stay

Big Eyes Coin’s presale will end on the 3rd of June, concluding crypto’s biggest presales ever. The new casino will help to keep the value of BIG afloat by creating a sub-economy within the meme coin’s ecosystem.

Even though the presale is nearly done, it’s still not too late to buy some. With the new casino in the works, Big Eyes Coin’s fans can use their chips and play some of their favorite betting games within a secure DeFi ecosystem.

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