Don’t Fall For The Fake UNI Airdrop Trying To Steal Your Ethereum Assets

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Airdrops are often an exciting development for novice and long-term cryptocurrency holders. Unfortunately, there is yet another malicious airdrop going on that attempts to steal user assets. While it claims to be a UNI token airdrop, its intent is anything but that. 

A Malicious UNI Airdrop

Anyone in the world can create new tokens on Ethereum – or any other blockchain supporting asset creation – and distribute them to any addresses they see fit. That is one reason why long-term ETH users will have a few dozen assets in their wallets they never bought or acquired. Moreover, virtually all of these tokens are worthless in the end, as they often have no purpose or utility. 

A relatively new airdrop is taking place, which seems to disguise itself as a Uniswap airdrop. For those that remember, Uniswap airdropped $UNI tokens to its early adopters a while ago. The fake airdrop claims users gain further liquidity provider rewards for those who have liquidity across Uniswap V3 pools. However, the tokens do not exist – as Uniswap isn’t issuing more $UNI at this time – even though it claims users can claim 1 UNI token per LP token they own.

It is not hard to see why some people would fall for these tactics. The allure of “free money” has always been appealing and will continue to appeal to many. Unfortunately, the purpose of this fake airdrop is to gain access to the assets of whichever user decides to interact with the contract. While the transaction may say funds come from the Uniswap V3: Positions NFT contract, that is not the case.

When digging a bit deeper into the contract sending these tokens, it becomes apparent there is a phishing site. The token name is tied to “”, which has no official affiliation with the Uniswap decentralized exchange. Moreover, the website – while it may seem legitimate – contains code that will more than likely attempt to claim the crypto assets in your connected wallet. 

A Pretty Succesful Attempt

Unfortunately, there are always people who will trust anything that comes their way and act in good faith. The fake UNI airdrop contract has collected over $28,000 in user assets, nearly all of them residing on the Ethereum chain. There is also $12 in assets from BNB Chain, which is interesting. Most assets come from user wallets, although some LPs from Uniswap V3 and SushiSwap too.

Although the address has not received new funds for nearly a full day, many people remain unaware this scam exists. Airdrops are often avoided or ignored unless tokens are sent to your wallet directly. It may even be an attempt to deanonymize users for various users. Only trust airdrops from known providers whom you interact with at some point, Everything else is primarily noise or a malicious attempt to take your money. 

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