Don’t Buy The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 If You Want To Mine Ethereum

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Every time manufacturers release new graphics cards, there will be supply issues sooner or later. NVIDIA and AMD face supply issues today, thanks to the ongoing profitability of cryptocurrency mining. The GeForce RTX 3060 GPUs will be modified to make them less appealing to these miners. 

Major GeForce RTX 3060 Update

It is uncommon to see GPU manufacturers take a hostile stance toward cryptocurrency mining. If miners take an interest in these cars, revenue for the companies will go up. However, it also creates supply shortages for the gamers, which remain the primary crowd for both NVIDIA and AMD. NVIDIA will make some crucial changes to address the current lack of supply and prevent scalpers from picking up even more stock.

In a recent blog post, NVIDIA confirms they will make changes to the GeForce RTX 3060 series. Instead of making them suitable for gaming and mining, the company will go all-in on the gaming crowd. As these GPUs are programmable, it doesn’t take much tweaking to change specific settings. In this case, there will be a substantial reduction of the cards’ potential hash power. 

As the GeForce RTX 3060 series goes live on February 25, these changes will occur immediately. Through the programmable nature of these cards, NVIDIA will limit the hash rate by 50%. This affects any form of cryptocurrency mining, and the limitation is built into the device’s driver software automatically. Gaming performance will not be affected by these changes. 

NVIDIA wants these cards to be put through the wringer in a gaming environment focusing on real-time ray-tracing, image upscaling, super-fast response rendering, and so forth. Cryptocurrency mining is of no concern to the company, even though its shareholders benefited from previous spikes in demand due to crypto mining. 

Ethereum Miners Get A Different Option

What is remarkable is how the company announced a new product, specifically for Ethereum mining. Known as the NVIDIA CMP – Cryptocurrency Mining Processor – it serves as a dedicated product line for professional mining purposes. These cards do not perform regular graphical tasks or output, making them useless to gamers altogether.

NVIDIA claims the CMP line is optimized for mining performance and efficiency. Both product lines will co-exist, as they require different types of components, negating any supply shortages. Having two separate products for these different crowds makes some sense. Unfortunately, the resale value of the NVIDIA CMP may be relatively limited.

As Ethereum mining will soon end, it remains unclear if these CMP units can mine other cryptocurrencies. When it comes to GPU mining, Ethereum is always the primary option. Ethereum Classic may be an option, or a few other altcoins that come to mind. An exciting era dawns upon cryptocurrency mining either way.

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