Donald Trump Holds A Fair Amount of Ethereum (ETH)

donald trump Ethereum ETH

In a recent revelation, former President Donald Trump’s financial disclosure confirmed holdings of Ethereum (ETH) valued between $250,000 and $500,000.

Details from the 2023 OGE Disclosure by Trump

The 2023 OGE financial documents, made public recently, showcased an intriguing item labeled as “Cryptocurrency Wallet (Ethereum).” This wallet, according to Trump, falls in the aforementioned value range.

This Ethereum wallet is believed to be connected to his venture into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). After leaving the White House, Trump launched this NFT project in December 2022. The exclusive NFT collection, limited in its offering, contained 44,000 digital cards. Each card displayed Trump in varied attire and poses, and the entire batch sold out in merely a day.

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Reliable sources indicate that Trump’s NFT venture raked in an impressive $8.9 million. Out of this, he earned approximately $298,000 solely from licensing fees. The cryptocurrency wallet, which received these earnings, belongs to Trump’s entity, CIC Digital. Interestingly, this is the same entity accredited with collecting the licensing fees.

Melania Trump’s NFT Experiment

Former first lady Melania Trump also briefly ventured into the NFT space. She converted numerous iconic images from NASA’s Apollo moon missions into NFTs, pricing them at $75 each. However, this initiative faced criticism from NASA. The space agency contended that her move breached its merchandising rules.

It’s worth noting the evolution of Trump’s views on cryptocurrencies. In 2019, he openly expressed his reservations, asserting he was “not a fan” of Bitcoin (BTC). He defined it as “not money” and critiqued its value as “based on thin air.” During his intense 2021 re-election campaign, he doubled down on these sentiments. He labeled the entire cryptocurrency domain as “fake.”

The former President’s investment in Ethereum, juxtaposed with his previous crypto skepticism, offers a captivating twist to his financial journey. Only time will reveal if this venture pays off for him or remains a mere footnote in his vast business portfolio.

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