Dogetti, MetaCade, and RobotEra Raises 9mn – Presale Mania Across Meme Coins


A meme-coin presale fever has broken out since the dawn of 2023, and investors seem to be pooling in lots and lots of money. The three meme coins together raised $9,575,927 in presales, with Metacade topping the list with $8,249,778, RobotEra with $972,621, and Dogetti with $353,528.

These presales offer early access to tokens at discounted rates, allowing investors to reap huge rewards when the coin hits the market potential. So why not join the hype and dive into the world of meme coin presales? It could be the smartest (and most entertaining) investment you ever make.

Meme Coin + Presales = Money, Money, Money

Presales can be a powerful tool for launching a new cryptocurrency, helping to build excitement and raise funds before the official launch. One stunning example of the power of presales is the story of Tamadoge. Early-stage investors bought TAMA coin for $0.01 in 2022, and the token touched $19 million before it even got to the markets, earning investors a 2,000% return.

Dogetti is another meme coin of the same breed that has already proven its mettle through an explosive presale.

DETI Family to Rule the Meme Kingdom

Dogetti (DETI) – the mafia-themed meme coin shook the meme space with its thundering presale raising close to $353,528. This initiated a meme coin frenzy, and the meme arena has not been the same ever since.

Dogetti is not another household meme dog. Having mafia blood in its veins, the dog family is serious about protecting the interest of its community and creating wealth. The coin has already garnered huge interest across various social media and is on its way to becoming the top dog.

However, unlike other dogs, DETI has a predefined purpose and acts responsibly to its community. The coin offers unique rewards like a 2% reflection protocol where users earn redistributed money from the transactions. Just HODL and earn a stable income. DETI also boasts of a digital companion, an NFT that can breed and grow that you can exchange for fiat or another crypto.

The reward train never stops in Dogetti. Recently the family has launched a 25% extra DETI coins for early adopters who join with the code WISEGUY25.

Metacade – Leaning on greatness

During its presale period, Metacade (MCADE) experienced significant growth, and it is now widely regarded as the greatest altcoin to purchase in 2023. The presale phase, which recently debuted at $0.008, was quickly sold out and generated $5 million in revenue in the first ten weeks. Since then, the total investment has skyrocketed to $8 million as hundreds of investors pour money into this intriguing new GameFi enterprise.

A community-based play-to-earn (P2E) platform called Metacade is attempting to differentiate itself from its rivals by adopting a cutting-edge and industry-leading strategy. To ensure that there is something for everyone, Metacade is creating the largest P2E arcade full of vintage and contemporary arcade games, unlike most P2E media, which rely on a single gaming experience.

RobotEra – A Must Have Metaverse Token

The popular metaverse cryptocurrency RobotEra (TARO) is gaining huge traction and is still in the pre-sale phase. Investors can enjoy the RobotEra metaverse by owning TARO tokens. They will also get the chance to win rewards and take advantage of other earning opportunities.

TARO is a token from which the holder will gain advantages right away, and these advantages will grow as time goes on. When it comes to the future of TARO, crypto specialists are incredibly optimistic and forecast an enormous increase in value for this currency. So act quickly and purchase it now while it is still on presale!

Meme tokens have indeed evolved for the better. Research and invest in one of these tokens and plan your retirement early.

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