DOGECOLA: NFT/Soft Drink that will soon quench your thirst as well as your Wallet’s

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Dogecola NFT community has set its sights on an innovative and unique mission. The Dogecola community will soon combine the legendary doge meme with a renowned soft drink, the cola. Dogecola drinks will soon be on the market with many features and qualities that set this drink apart from thousands of other brands.

Dogecola will soon be the first NFT/soft drink project globally. Currently trading in around 400k USD daily volume, Dogecola is preparing to shoot to the moon with the launch of its very own soft drink. 

In this blog, we will talk about why Dogecola is remarkable, how it functions, and what it brings to the table in the crypto-verse. So, let’s cut to the chase.

What are Dogecola and its mission?

Dogecola is a cryptocurrency engineered to be the world’s first crypto/soft drink name. The launch of the much-awaited soft drink by the same name is yet to be seen very soon. 

Dogecola claims its community’s mission is to be innovative and responsible in the crypto world and the environment. Dogecola promises to hold votes to donate to authorities battling against plastic pollution. 

Dogecola soft drink bottles themselves will be part of the solution against the ever-increasing plastic waste dumps. The exact trajectory is yet to be known but will soon be public once the drink enters the market in some time.

But wait, not only that. Once the drink’s launch goes smoothly, this product will be followed by Dogecola’s very own NFT Art projects.

Dogecola will soon be the world’s first token/soft drink/NFT project.

Dogecola’s plan of action

Dogecola community has laid down its plan of action as its roadmap on its Discord server for its entire community’s perusal. It has a phased roadmap as follows:

Phase 1: It was the launch of Dogecola’s website and discord server for its community outreach, marketing, and funding. In this, Dogecola has made quite impactful decisions. Namely, the Times Square Panel enabled millions to get familiar with this token/soon-to-be soft. Not only that, the No. 12 Chevrolet Silverado at the 05-2021 NASCAR sported the Dogecola art along with a Cola Can art that drew a big audience in the Raffles Arcade, Singapore.

Phase 2:  This phase will include the launch of the soft drink that will be covered and promoted by massive YouTube and social media influencer collaborations. The community will also make a generous donation after a due vote.

Phase 3 and 4 will address technical issues like bridging with the ETH and extending the community. Dogecola’s official merch will also be made available.

Why should you opt for Dogecola?

Dogecola is a safe bet as a profitable investment simply because of its innovative nature that brings forth something new and utility and not just name or fame.

With the launch of the soft drink, current NFT holders will get a 20% discount while also getting a QR code on the bottle that can be scanned to gain the latest Dogecola NFTs. Isn’t that thirst-quenching for a parched throat and a wallet?

Also, all drink buyers will get a chance to purchase or win Dogecola NFT art as soon as it drops on the official website, a profitable venture, sure enough. What’s more is that once you purchase or win some NFTs, you will become eligible to win free Dogecola tokens each month you hold your NFT. 

Dogecola’s simplicity, transparency, and vision make it enticing in the world of crypto, soft drinks, and NFTs all at once. Covering such a vast area makes this community prone to a wide influence. So, hold on for some more time and witness Dogecola’s rise with the launch of its soft drink as well as NFTs. In time, do your due research on this project’s history, future, and community environment if you wish to be a part of this gravy train.

How can you be a part of the Dogecola community?

Dogecola’s outreach program includes its own Telegram Group, Discord Server, and a Twitter handle.

You can become a part of the Dogecola community by purchasing tokens from its website. Methods of purchasing soft drinks will become available soon. NFTs will be bought or sold from the website too. 

Link to the Discord server:

Link to the Twitter handle:

Link to the Official Dogecola website:

Note that you will see two buttons on the website’s main page, namely; Buy Token and Buy Soft Drink. The latter is not yet active but soon will be. Also, the NFTs are coming soon. So, be patient, do your research and stay tuned for latest updates.

Bottom Line

Dogecola is the world’s first cryptocurrency token/soft drink/ NFT project all at once. The token is available on major exchanges like PancakeSwap, where purchases can be made using BNB. Dogecola’s soft drink will soon hit the markets with loads of features.

Anyone can scan the QR code on the bottle and get a chance to win the upcoming Dogecola NFT. All Dogecola holders will get a 20% discount. Moreover, all NFT holders will get free tokens every month.

Be aware that the crypto world is relatively new and unregulated. So, invest with intelligence and safety. 

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