Dogecoin Price Gains Over 17% as the Pump is in Full Effect

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When Dogecoin decides to turn bullish, it usually does so in a rather decisive manner. Today appears to be one of those days when there is no holding back the meme currency of the internet whatsoever. In fact, it would appear the pumps have been engaged in a dramatic fashion, as the Dogecoin price is simply soaring in quick succession.

Dogecoin Price Gets a Massive Push

Wile the year 2019 hasn’t been too great for Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or any other market, that doesn’t mean the situation can’t be turned around in quick succession. There is always a small chance the momentum will suddenly shift significantly, either for better or worse. In the case of Dogecoin, it has clearly turned bullish beyond belief, although it remains to be seen how long this can remain in place.  Such a massive uptrend out of nowhere will usually not last too long.

To put everything in perspective, it seems the Dogecoin price has risen by 19% in USD value and 18% over Bitcoin. As such, one DOGE is currently valued at $0.002483, or 60 Satoshi. Especially this latter aspect is quite impressive, as Dogecoin had seemingly lost control of 60 Satoshi in recent months. That is usually not a good sign, but Dogecoin has – somehow – regained that lost glory in quick succession. A good day for DOGE enthusiasts, although no one should lose their head over this turn of events.

On social media, there is always some excitement regarding Dogecoin in many different ways Nevermore is one of the people who likes to poke fun at this project in different ways. He claims how he has now been appointed as the “Chief Shilling Officer” for Dogecoin, which would be a very interesting function in many different ways. Especially when the job would be to shill DOGE to XRP and TRX buyers.

No one will be surprised to learn most of the discussions pertain to the current DOGE price. It is a sudden turn of events which took a lot of people by surprise earlier today.  However, this “whale momentum” will usually result in a correction of some sorts. If Dogecoin faces a big correction, this entire uptrend can be wiped out without too many problems. It is something to keep in mind at all times.

Samstoshi sums up the current state of affairs rather aptly. Dogecoin’s price has pumped on the first of April. While most people would expect this to be a joke, it is in fact happening. Whether or not this is the beginning of the “altcoin season” so many people expected, is a different matter altogether. This uptrend is pretty intriguing in its own regard, as no other market has noted gains similar to these in recent days.

How all of this will play out for Dogecoin, is very difficult to predict. It is a very unpredictable market first and foremost, although that has worked in its favor in the past as well. This current steep uptrend, however, will prove rather difficult to sustain if the trading volume doesn’t pick up quickly. So far, that has been the only lackluster aspect of this entire uptrend, but it is something that can be rectified with ease.

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