Dogecoin May Be Moving Up, But Burn Event Will Show The Real Meaning Of Mooning


We’ve all heard stories of investors who hit the crypto jackpot by unearthing a little-known gem, depositing a pocket of cash, and then watching it moon just a short time later. Those that got in early on Dogecoin and held netted themselves a tidy fortune. Dogecoin continues to perform well, but if you are searching for the next moonshot token for your portfolio, take a closer look at Uniglo. Burn Event

Uniglo will be launching on Ethereum Network very soon. The development team recently announced a major burn event, in which all tokens leftover from presale will be removed from circulation. The decision was taken by the Uniglo community, who voted almost unanimously in favor of burning. Little surprise there, as large-scale burns in the past have been shown to cause price spikes in relation to newfound scarcity. GLO holders are tasked with voting on important decisions regarding the project, like choosing what to hold in the GLO Vault. The choice is next to limitless, as the Vault holds every kind of asset, from gold and fine art to cryptocurrency and NFTs. 


Dogecoin is a beloved meme coin favored by the world’s richest man, Elon Musk. Dogecoin has seen some positive price action recently off the back of Musk’s takeover of Twitter. This action is speculative, with buyers hoping that Dogecoin may become more involved with the social network (no such promises have been made). Despite the latest flurry, Dogecoin is trading at around 80% less than its all-time high, showing this recent rise may well peter out as interest wanes.


Uniglo has already performed admirably in presale, demonstrating a price hike of 55% based on intense demand from buyers. Several whales have pledged large orders of GLO, indicating that Uniglo will be a popular project in the future. Now is the perfect time to get involved before the big burn event, which will almost certainly generate big gains for GLO holders. 

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