Dogecoin Is Up 140% This Week Amidst Musk Twitter Purchase. But What Is the Next Bullish Dog Coin?


Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and speculators have made big money with the recent Dogecoin price pump. Likewise, the popular meme coin has surged since Elon Musk acquired Twitter. While that momentum will run out of steam eventually, investors prepare for the next big bullish dog-themed coin, Tora Inu.

Dogecoin Pumps Thanks to Elon Musk

Every time Elon Musk Tweets about Dogecoin, the price of DOGE goes up. So when the SpaceX founder acquired social media platform to the tune of $44 billion, it created tremendous buy pressure for DOGE. So much even that the meme coin saw its value surge by 140% in a week, even though it is all driven by pure speculation.

Following this spectacular pump, DOGE hit a high of $0.137, values not seen since May 2022. However, Dogecoin remains over 82% removed from its all-time value of $0.7315, recorded in May 2021. Since that high, the DOGE value had been in free fall until the recent momentum.

Some may wonder why Elon Musk buying Twitter has anything to do with Dogecoin. Over the past few months, Musk has been orchestrating some DOGE price movements, primarily through his Tweets. Additionally, Tesla accepts DOGE as a currency for some products on the website, although no one can buy a car with it.

An integration between Twitter – now owned by Musk – and Dogecoin is not out of the question, although it wouldn’t necessarily be a sensible business decision.

Even so, there is no long-term purpose to the popular meme coin, which has allowed other dog-branded currencies to step up their game.

Tora Inu Is The Next Big Thing

Finding the next dog-themed gem in the myriad of currencies named after Dogecoin, Elon Musk, or a combination of both can be challenging. Thankfully, projects like Tora Inu make the process more straightforward. It is more than a “meme coin” and introduces a degree of sophistication through applications, real-life use cases, and ecosystem integrations.

Tora Inu is a massive trend in crypto circles these days. Its ongoing presale has secured nearly $300,000 and is bound to surpass its $425,000 presale goal in the coming days. The ability to acquire discounted tokens is hard to pass up, as many experts and speculators feel it is a golden opportunity to invest in the next major dog coin.

The promise of Tora Inu can be found in how it provides utility to holders. Implementing non-fungible tokens, play-t-earn mechanics, and metaverse technology will enhance the project’s appeal and visibility. Moreover, there is no reason why $TORA can’t become a multi-billion-dollar project in the coming weeks. Therefore, it is also worth paying close attention to the roadmap, making it very different from the multitude of copy-pasta meme coins losing 90% of their value in the first week. Participating in the $TORA presale is a win-win situation!

The play-to-earn game launching under the Tora Inu banner has already captivated a big audience. It is a skill-based game, something the industry needs more of. In addition, there are plenty of upcoming developments and announcements, including mini-games and launching an NFT marketplace.

Don’t Pass Up On $TORA During The Presale

Driving long-term value to $TORA holders will always be a prominent factor of Tora Inu. The native deflationary tokenomics will continue to decrease the available supply of each token. Furthermore, $TORA is set to hit Uniswap in Q4 2022, with centralized exchanges following in Q1 2023 and a massive influencer marketing campaign. The first Tora Inu NFTs will be released in Q2 2023 and feature a profit-sharing system.

These initiatives confirm Tora Inu is not your average meme coin but rather a project emphasizing utility and long-term value. In addition, their current $25,000 giveaway is accessible by all presale customers, creating another strong incentive to acquire $TORA at these discounted prices.

Make sure to enter the Tora Inu presale and keep up with the community on Twitter and Telegram!

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