Do not miss out on these Tokens: Fantom (FTM), Elrond (EGLD), and Calyx Token (CLX)


Investing in crypto tokens has become an overall investment strategy, especially for those looking to gain an edge. As the crypto world is becoming more and more advanced, the second age of digital currency has arrived, with new networks like Fantom (FTM), Elrond (EGLD), and Calyx Token (CLX) leading the way. Doing everything that other coins couldn’t do, and doing more of what platforms like ETH do, you cannot miss out on the golden opportunity presented by Fantom (FTM), Elrond (EGLD), and Calyx Token (CLX).

Fantom (FTM)

Fantom (FTM) is a blockchain-based digital currency that aims to provide fast, easy, and secure means of payment for goods and services worldwide. While most coins were on a hot streak in 2021, the Fantom coin stood the test of time and became one of the biggest winners. Its price shot up and reached an all-time high of $3.48 in October 2021. 

Fantom has aroused a lot of excitement as it is seen as a better version of Ethereum. The FTM tokens can be bought from the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges and decentralised crypto exchanges, including Uniswap and Sushiswap.

One of the biggest draws of the Fantom is its efficiency in transaction processing. The platform can handle thousands of transactions per second, settling transactions within one to two seconds. All these happen with just a fraction of a cent. Being an innovative contract platform that can handle more than 50,000 transactions per second makes the token almost impossible to ignore.

Elrond (EGLD)

Elrond (EGLD) is software designed to compete against major blockchains such as Ethereum, aiming to grow a decentralised application and cryptocurrencies ecosystem. The Elrond (EGLD) platform is focused on incentivising a distributed network of computers to run a smart contract that prioritises scalability and low fees. The Elrond blockchain can process over 15,000 transactions every second, with low transaction costs.

With so many users looking for a dependable solution to the slow and costly transaction on the blockchain, Elrond (EGLD) may experience a larger jump than many other digital currencies, including bigger ones in the market. If more prominent blockchain-operating institutions and organisations use the Elrond blockchain, the token could be even higher. 

Calyx Token (CLX)

Calyx Token (CLX) already has many speculations from top analysts that it will rise faster than most cryptos, yet it is still in its presale stage. This is due to the current frustration with how slow and expensive blockchain transactions are. The CLX token is a solution and a better option for a cost-effective transaction that many blockchain projects are looking for. The token could also see a significant success because of instant trade activities where tokens can be swapped immediately.

Built on a community-driven model, users swapping the DeFi and dApp projects token will pay a small percentage fee in the CLX, of which 85% fee collected will go to the liquidity providers as a reward for providing liquidity. Calyx platform is built on diversifying liquidity pools rather than singular liquidity pools. This will establish flexibility for the traders to choose the liquidity from any protocol and filter out the liquidity that is not required. Challenging the dominance of ETH as the only quote option, Calyx (CRX), with multiple liquidity protocols, will have multi-quote pairs with unique features like a direct token and stablecoin. 


If you are looking for a better and faster way to access more financial opportunities, add Fantom (FTM), Elrond (EGLD), and Calyx (CLX) tokens to your portfolio. These tokens will help grow the blockchain ecosystem and benefit investors.

The multiple liquidity protocols that the Calyx platform has will help increase the liquidity pool needed to offer more trading options. Additionally, while these tokens solve real-life problems, their stability seems well anchored and best for long-term investment.

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