Do-Gi-Oh NFT Gaming Project Overview

CryptoMode Do-Gi-Oh

With yesterday’s launch of the $DGH token, DO-GI-OH projects co-founder enlightens us
about their NFT use case and style.

So what is the DO-GI-OH project?

DO-GI-OH, which is based on Polygon, aspires to create a one-of-a-kind P2E Metaverse
that includes multiple games and lobbies where players can chat and participate in
special events, as well as the NFT marketplace and lounges where users can play their
favorite games. The first game to be released is DO-GI-OH Fight Club which will be an
action-packed, multi-level, skill-based fighting game aimed at pitting the industry’s best
— Doges, Shibas, Flokis, and other dog-themed characters — against each other. It will
be highly inspired by world-renowned fighting game classics like Street Fighter, Tekken,
and Mortal Combat.

$DGH token was created as an interoperable utility to support in-game transactions,
character and upgrade purchases, and more. A native NFT marketplace will be created
for the purchase and trading of in-game used NFT characters, upgrades, moves, and
skins. The project hopes to establish clear guidelines and a more user-friendly, optimized
trading and minting experience across the chains by having its own marketplace. The
aforementioned will have no impact on the sale of in-game items on the open market or
on other platforms.

The NFT-ed characters will be released in a collection-based manner, with multiple
variables influencing each fighter’s base attribute – a rarity. Skill packs, which will include
skill cards, will be available for purchase or minting by players. These cards can be used
to tailor the playstyle of the character to the player’s preferences.

Because DO-GI-OH Fight Club will be a skill-based game, the overpowering of specific
traits over others will be limited. However, as players progress through the levels and train
their characters, they will be able to unlock additional moves that will increase damage
levels when executed.

DO-GI-OH project with its own native token $DGH was released on January 29th and
now is on a journey to reinvent the NFT gaming space in style. Find out more about the
project and $DGH token at

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