DLive Migrates to the TRON Blockchain

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Existing blockchain projects need to keep all options on the table. For the DLive team, joining BitTorrent and moving to the TRON blockchain are remarkable choices.

DLive is one of the many blockchain-oriented sharing platforms gaining some traction throughout 2019.

Big Months Ahead for DLive

It is crucial for projects to keep building on that momentum.

Big was people’s surprise when DLive announced it would migrate to the TRON blockchain.

While not a bad decision by any means, it remains a very intriguing decision.

As a result of this move, DLive will also become a part of the BitTorrent ecosystem.

Offering blockchain-based peer-to-peer content sharing is something both projects can benefit from accordingly.

One option DLive will continue to explore is the live streaming of video content.

It is expected that BLive, a platform acquired by BitTorrent, will be integrated into DLive over time.

DLive’s current account systems will be merged with BitTorrent to finalize the overall integration. 

All of these developments are exciting for the individual projects, but also the industry as a whole.

Interest in and demand for decentralized content sharing solutions has been on the rise for some time now.

It now appears that DLive’s vision is something the TRON and BitTorrent teams can get behind in full.

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