Bitcoin Cash, the successful fork of Bitcoin, continues to gain mainstream traction as DISH, the famous US TV provider, is now enabling BCH as a payment option for its services.

DISH Takes a Big Gamble

It is evident that the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies still has a fair way to go. However, in a surprising turn of events, DISH suddenly decided to officially accept Bitcoin Cash payments from its clients.

The firm has a long history with Bitcoin payments and since 2014, the company has been accepting Bitcoin as an accepted payment method for its services. And while it is unclear as to how successful this venture has been so far, BTC has remained a viable option till date for DISH.

How Does DISH Plan on Facilitating BCH Payments?

Accepting Bitcoin Cash is as simple as flipping a switch. It is made possible through BitPay, the world’s leading cryptocurrency payments processor. Both cryptocurrencies will be supported from this point forward.

Clients will be able to pay for monthly subscriptions, live events, and pay-per-view shows.

Whether or not this decision will pan out for DISH, is a different matter altogether. Bitcoin Cash is only one year old and still has a lot to prove to the rest of the cryptocurrency world. However, getting accepted by a multinational giant such as DISH is a major milestone no one should overlook.

Final Thoughts

Getting retailers to accept more than just one cryptocurrency is a major victory in its own right. Although DISH is taking a serious gamble by accepting Bitcoin Cash, they are not losing anything even if their decision doesn’t pan out.

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