DigiToads (TOADS) presale continues to grow in demand, while Aptos (APT) investors see a lack of growth


Are you someone who is still staying away from meme coins? It is time to change the mindset and invest in meme coins as many analysts have predicted a bullish rally for such coins in 2023. The meme token sector has been rising to new highs on the back of innovative projects and record market capitalization. According to them, the best cryptocurrency to buy in today’s market is DigiToads. The Ethereum-based meme coin first grabbed market experts’ attention with its huge initial presale success. Over time, more analysts have reviewed the token and are lauding its state-of-the-art economic model that features characteristics of other cryptocurrencies too. The multi-functional cryptocurrency is currently trending in the market as one of the hottest buys of 2023.

DigiToads: Ruling the cryptoverse in 2023

DigiToads is a leading meme coin that’s currently in the cryptocurrency ico list of many analysts. The meme coin has created a lot of buzz in the market with a model that’s no ordinary meme token. It is a meme coin, a stake-to-earn coin, and a play-to-earn token molded into one single cryptocurrency. For facilitating all transactional use cases like staking, trading, and making payments, the platform has released a native token which is called the TOADS token. It is currently available presale. Halfway through its 10-stage presale process, the TOADS token has already attracted many buyers.

If you want to know why DigiToads is being called one of the altcoins to watch out for in 2023, just explore its Web 3.0 game. The game pits one against other players in a grand swamp where one has to defeat the energy and score the highest among all competitors. The winners will be rewarded with TOADS tokens. To take on the enemy, players can seek help from their digital companions called DigiToads. These creatures have special abilities that can improve the player’s chances of winning. The only thing is that these DigiToads have to be purchased or traded. To increase the strength and ability of their DigiToads, players can get them food, potions, and training equipment which can be bought by utilizing the TOADS token.

The team will also be hosting trading competitions where traders compete to earn the highest profit for the platform in a month. The winners of these competitions will get a chance to learn how to manage the treasury fund with the DigiToads team.

In the future, the DigiToads team would be opening a think tank to educate its community members about cryptocurrencies and the network. Also, it would be donating 2.5% of the project’s annual profits to the cause of rainforest conservation and increasing tree density across the globe. The organizations that would receive these donations will be picked out by the DigiToads community members.

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Mastercard to partner with Aptos for a new project

Aptos is a Layer 1 blockchain that provides developers with cutting-edge tools to build user-friendly dApps. Its native token APT is used for all transactions that are processed on the network. What stands out about the altcoin is that it uses Move, which is a smart contract programming language based on Rust. The choice of programming language helps the network offer a high throughput — of up to 150,000 transactions in each second with parallel execution. The superior throughput is not possible with most other blockchains as they offer sequential processing of transactions. In a recent development, Mastercard announced that it had selected Aptos along with a group of other cryptocurrencies to deploy a common crypto standard for its users. The technology will enable Mastercard users to enjoy secure and transparent crypto transactions across blockchain networks. However, Aptos has not delivered great returns lately and analysts feel that it might remain bearish in the near future.

Here’s why DigiToads is the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2023

Stuck on finding out what cryptos to buy now? It’s time to trust the experts. Many analysts have reviewed the TOADS token and have lauded the ecosystem for its multiple use cases. The features that have most impressed these experts include DigiToads’ unique economic design, the decentralized governance structure, the rewards system, and the freedom users get to select from multiple opportunities. Analysts also feel that DigiToads is a good option for those chasing long-term growth. As far as its growth potential goes, they feel that its token price can jump by 30x in the coming months.

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