DigiToads (TOADS) Meme Coin: The Next Big Thing? A Comparison with Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE)


The meme coin sector has often been shrouded in mystery, given the pumping and dumping that takes place. While the focus has always been on Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE), DigiToad’s (TOADS) threatens to disrupt the sector owing to its game-changing plans around play-2-earn (P2E) gaming and NFT staking.

DigiToads Redefining Meme Coins

DigiToads promises to be the best big thing as a full utility meme coin. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, it is a community-friendly project that seeks to make it easy for people to earn while investing in blockchain technology. Therefore, it provides a fun and exciting way for members to generate income through P2E gaming and staking.

A thrilling Web 3 game is on offer in the ecosystem whereby members only have to purchase and nurture their DigiToads. With the help of TOADS tokens, the network currency, members can purchase food and training equipment that will go a long way in causing their unique DigiToads to increase in size and strength.

DigiToads is to reward 25% of players on top of the leaderboard with TOADS tokens on their DigiToads standing out on size and strength. In addition, to ensure the community is always incentivized, 50% of all the funds generated from the sale of items is to go towards the rewards scheme.

There will also be trading competitions in the ecosystem designed to enhance trading volume. The monthly trading competitions will see winners walk away with prizes of Platinum TOADS that they can use to access the TOADS treasury. In addition, winners are to receive 10% of all trading profits they make for the treasury.

The high-growth token has also increased users’ chances of earning some residual income through NFT staking. It has established an NFT staking platform in which 2% of all TOADS transactions are to be added to the pool. The longer that people stake their non-fungible tokens, the more rewards they stand to earn.

Early investors in presale stand to gain 5.5X return or enjoy 450% returns on purchasing TOADS, the network native token. The total supply of the deflationary token is currently capped at 585 million, with a token-burning system in place to cut supply even further.

With the TOADS token, holders can purchase items to play the Web 3 game. In addition, the token also acts as a medium of exchange for settling all transaction fees.

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Will Dogecoin reach $1?

Dogecoin is one of the meme coins that has been on an impressive run thanks to its growing ties with social networking giant Twitter. DOGE is already up by more than 20% for the year, recouping a significant number of losses accrued last year at the height of the crypto winter.

Amid the explosive move in 2023, the big question remains, does Dogecoin have what it takes to reach the $1 a coin level? One of the main reasons the meme coin may struggle to achieve the feat is its lack of practical use case and utility. Billionaire investor Elon Musk has been driving the hype around the coin even as it lacks any proven usefulness, as is the case with DigiToads.

Shiba Inu Investment Case

Shiba Inu is another meme coin whose price has skyrocketed through the first three months of the year. While the coin is up by more than 30% for the year, it is still being determined if it has what it takes to rally. For the longest time, its price has mostly been driven by hype circles from famous business people.

Unlike DigiToads, which has proven utility around staking and Web 3 gaming, Shiba Inu has no compelling investment case. In a world of more than 23,000 cryptocurrencies, it lacks a competitive edge that will make it stand out.

Bottom Line

DigiToads is the future of the burgeoning meme coin sector owing to its wide range of practical uses around P2E gaming and NFT staking. The coin continues to elicit strong interest in presale, with over 450% expected gains on listing in a major exchange. Unlike Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, DigiToads boasts of proven usefulness and use case, making it stand out. With the presale raising over $1.7m and analysts predicting 30x growth by the end of the year, DigiToads is positioning itself to be the coin of 2023 and now is the time for old and new investors to get involved.

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