DigiToads (TOADS) Continues to Show Strong Presale Performance Despite the Mixed Performance of Ethereum Classic (ETC)


The cryptocurrency market is volatile but also comes with the potential for massive returns. This is the reason new cryptos are being introduced in the market. Presently, meme coins are the most popular cryptocurrencies. It has opened new opportunities for significant returns on investment.

DigiToads is one of the newly launched meme coins that is predicted to dominate the market. The presale of this token is surpassing expectations. With the cryptocurrency market seeing a bullish trend, investors are interested in capitalizing on the opportunities granted by the TOADS presale. Hence, it solidified the position of DigiToads as a significant contender in the cryptocurrency landscape.

DigiToads has the Potential to Generate Big ROI

Experts are predicting that it is one of the top ICOs launched this year, especially because of the exclusive blend of stake-to-earn features, meme coin, and play-to-earn features that give investors considerable ROI potential not only when it was launched but also during its presale stage.

The meme coin’s hybrid approach enables users to explore varied income streams and get financially qualified as they diversify their investment portfolios without purchasing various cryptocurrency tokens.

TOADs, its native token serves as the base for the activities taking place in the ecosystem, such as NFT staking, trading, and participating in the DigiToads Web3 game.

The project is primarily popular for its entertaining and custom Web3 game, where players can upgrade their capabilities, train Toad-NFT pets, and take part in combat.

25% of the top players on the leaderboard are rewarded massively with 50% of the prize money raised from in-game asset purchases. Moreover, the project distributes 10% of the prize funds to the remaining players, facilitating the long-term commitment of the members to the project.

At present, DigiToads is in its sixth presale stage. It has already raised more than $3.5 million. It should be pointed out that early birds from the first presale stage have doubled their investment already. However, there is still time to purchase TOADS as the price keeps increasing through its tenth and final presale rounds.

DigiToads’ presale stage offers an incredible opportunity for significant returns and its price can grow by 450%. Each stage gives you the opportunity to earn a little profit. Apart from the dynamic price model, its presale is equipped with decent rewards and giveaways for its early community members.

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Drop in Ethereum Classic’s Price

Ethereum Classic has been launched from the original Ethereum Blockchain. But the split happened because of the disagreements about tackling the aftermath of the DAO hack. It maintains the original code and philosophy of Ethereum, ETC focused on immutability and resisted alternations in blockchain history.

ETC was seen as a potential beneficiary of the Ethereum Merge, initially, as it continued operating using the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism. Hence, it is an easy alternative for cryptocurrency miners. During the merge, the Total Value Locked increased a little to $1.4 million. Nevertheless, since then its price has declined to only a few hundred thousand dollars. This appears like the post-merge anticipation failed to trigger sustained growth in the project.

This has caused ETC to drop from the list of the top twenty coins. Thus, it has left all investors overwhelmed by how it is going to perform in the future.

Bottom Line

When investors invest in cryptocurrency, their main concern is ROI potential. They seek to determine which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in. Sure, it might be challenging to predict returns with certainty but few cryptocurrencies are more dependable than others. DigiToads is one of the best examples featuring a predetermined presale price schedule that ensures an increase in the investor’s initial contributors.

The rapid sale for the first five presale stages shows massive purchasing pressure and the sixth stage now appears to follow the same pattern. On the other hand, Ethereum Classic shows mixed performance, causing investors to doubt its potential. So, take advantage of DigiToads’ recent low, and investing in it will enable you to earn considerable profits.

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