Digitex Futures Price Surges Despite Weak Hourly Chart

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There are some interesting market shifts in the cryptocurrency world to keep an eye on. Once Bitcoin starts to reclaim lost value, all other markets will eventually thrive. In the case of Digitex Futures, its price is firing on all cylinders right now. Following steep gains across the board, the currency might very well make its way back into the market cap top 100 fairly soon.

Digitex Futures Price Rises Again

It is quite evident any altcoin needs Bitcoin to succeed. If Bitcoin goes into sideways or negative trading, all other assets and currencies on the market will do the exact same. Digitex Futures is no different in this regard, and it currently benefits from Bitcoin’s most recent – and probably temporary – upward spell. As such, good money can be made from flipping DGTX back and forth for small increments of BTC.

Over the past 24 hours, there has been a notable increase in the Digitex Futures price. The value is almost at $0.04 again, which represents a clear 21% increase. Additionally, the DGTX value in terms of BTC and ETH has also risen by 13% and 10% respectively. Very positive momentum despite having nearly no trading volume to speak of.

The main selling point of Digitex Futures is its own initial coin offering and native exchange platform. A beta version of this exchange is to be expected fairly soon, which will be something to look forward to. More competition in the crypto exchange industry is always a good thing, as it leads to further decentralization first and foremost.

For those who want to obtain some Digitex without effectively buying it from an exchange, there is an airdrop pertaining to DGTX> All users need to do is follow the steps and complete a handful of easy tasks. The tokens will be issued at a later date, though, but it is still a risk-free way of obtaining some potentially valuable tokens.

Every cryptocurrency needs its own memes to remain somewhat relevant during this extended bearish market. In the case of Digitex Futures, an interesting meme can be seen below. This also confirms the project’s exchange will go into beta in early January of 2019. Assuming this deadline can be met, some interesting price action will follow.

Even though it seems unlikely Bitcoin’s gains will remain in place for long, altcoins like Digitex Futures will thrive because of it. Whether or not its price will surpass $004 is difficult to predict, but anything is possible. For now, taking profits and waiting for the next dip is also a viable trading strategy first and foremost.

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