Digitex Futures Price Surge Slowly Pushes Value to $0.1 Again

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There has been a lot of focus on the various cryptocurrency markets over the past few days. Not all markets are heading in the same upward direction, which is only normal in this day and age. After all, different markets respond to price momentum in different manners. For Digitex Futures, the current momentum seems promising, assuming it can surpass the 1,400 Satoshi resistance level.

Digitex Futures Price Rises Significantly

While all eyes are on the ongoing battle for dominance between XRP and Ethereum, the actual price action takes place further down the market cap list. Digitex Futures has been one of those currencies a lot of people are paying attention to right now, primarily because of its major price potential first and foremost.

In the past 24 hours, it would appear the Digitex Futures price has risen by over 31% again. It is the third time in as many weeks such an uptrend materializes. For the time being, there is also a 31% gain over Bitcoin and a 27% gain over Ethereum. All of these indicators paint a pretty positive short-term price picture first and foremost.

Some interesting developments are taking place behind the scenes of Digitex Futures, by the look of things. More specifically, there will be a livestream on VimmTV to discuss the future of Digitex Futures and how it will effectively impact cryptocurrency trading as a whole. More projects with working products will pave the way for broader cryptocurrency adoption in the future.

Additionally, it would appear there is a partnership between the Plasma team and Digitex Futures to explore collaborative efforts moving forward. More specifically, this will affect the way the handling of Ethereum trades are handled, which can only be considered to be a good thing at this stage. Partnerships can play a big role in the future of cryptocurrency trading.

The big question is whether or not Digitex Futures can break the key resistance level at 1,400 Satoshi. Based on this current momentum, that should not really pose any major challenge, although cryptocurrencies are funny in that regard. If this level is effectively broken, there is no way of telling where DGTX may end up at. An interesting trend to keep an eye on, for obvious reasons.

One thing of particular concern is how all of this has materialized with virtually no significant trading volume. DGTX Is listed on HitBTC and Mercatox, which means there are no major exchanges to provide liquidity at this time. Even so, it seems the price is on the right track to hit $0.1 later this week. That will mainly depend on how other cryptocurrencies evolve in the meantime, as that remains very difficult to predict first and foremost.

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