Reducing Burnout and Encouraging Community in the Workplace With Digital Workspaces

digital workspace

The future of work needs to adapt.  Remote work became necessary amid the pandemic with over three-quarters of remote workers wanting to continue working from home for the rest of their careers.  Switching apps tanks productivity: 21% of workers become less efficient at their job, 19% report reduced attention to tasks, and 17% admit they work longer hours.  Frequent task switching adds up to a 40% loss in productivity.  In addition, remote meetings waste time; 83% of employees spend up to a third of their work week in video meetings.

Building an office for remote workers is more important now than ever, including the need for virtual offices.  Almost half of remote employees miss seeing their colleagues and having personal interactions with them.  RedRex created a solution for increased community and connection in a remote environment.  RedRex provides digital buildings with floors with customizable layouts and user permissions.  There are individual and shared rooms on each floor where owners can close and open doors and users can “knock” to enter.  Each room has various functionalities.  RedRex offers a single place to create, manage, and host online events, cultivating a community and connection online. Learn more about how to build the digital workspaces of the future in the infographic below:

The Future of Work & Online Events

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