Digital securities trading facts that will help you with your investments


Everybody knows that one of the best ways to invest your hard-earned cash is to put it in the stock market, a crowded trading ground where millions of dollars are made and lost each day. But not everyone understands how complex and often confusing things can get. So let’s talk about some facts that will help you with your investments.

What is digital securities trading?

Digital securities trading is different from traditional stock exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Nasdaq because it is still in its early stages. Most users also like INX platform. It’s an electronic platform that works on continuously updated software, meaning that buying and selling securities has never been easier. What does that mean for you? It means that and buying digital securities trading is the best choice for investing, trading, and accessing a powerful platform no matter who you are.


  • Digital Securities trading is very secure;
  • The risk of fraud is minimal;
  • It engages the world in an unprecedented way.


  • This type of trading requires a lot of technological know-how;
  • Trading can be very tedious for beginners.

What can you do with digital securities trading?

Trading, for example, stocks and ETFs (Exchange-traded funds), and digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. You’ll be able to buy and sell them without any fees or commissions. You could also choose to invest in cryptocurrencies directly by creating a digital wallet to store your coins.

Facts that will help you with your investments:

Fact #1. All financial transactions are recorded in a bookkeeping ledger called the “ledger.”

 This ledger is updated continuously by electronic means. The books can be used to establish proof of critical financial transactions, like acquisitions or loans.

Fact #2. Stocks are considered securities (or investments).

They give investors certain rights to distributions at some point in the future—usually after a set period (the dividend). Stocks are not considered real estate or other immovable assets like paintings or antiques because stocks can be sold at any time for whatever price someone is willing to pay. Real property (like real estate) cannot simply be traded on the open market as stocks can.

Fact #3. The best time to invest in stocks is when the market is high, and the worst time to invest in stocks is when the market is low. 

When the markets are down, people buy less, which naturally leads to a decline in profits. Furthermore, afraid of losing too much cash, investors tend to keep their money closer and stay out of the stock market. But this causes fewer people to be investing in the stock market and makes it even harder for prices to recover.

That’s why so many financial experts say that if you want to make money from stocks, you should buy on an upswing. Buying at a low point only leaves you with a lot of extra cash on your hands for no reason.

Fact #4. Before you invest in a stock, you should ask yourself: “Can I afford to lose this investment?” 

This is important because it will help you determine whether or not the investment is something you genuinely need and want. If the answer is yes, then consider looking over the prospectus (the legal document that describes all aspects of your stock) and decide if it’s something that interests you before investing in it.

Fact #5. Many investors do not know where to begin or what to look for when it comes time to buy stocks and other securities. 

An excellent way to start is by investing in companies that are associated with your everyday life. For example, you might decide to be a part of the shareholder list for the company that makes your favorite soda or clothing brand.

Fact #6. Stock does not have to be traded on the stock market for you to buy it. 

Private companies often sell their stocks directly to individuals during private offerings, which are sales made now between an investor and a company without any involvement from a broker or dealer. You can then turn around and trade your share on the stock exchange if that’s something you want to do, but many investors choose to keep their shares with the company for investment purposes.

Fact #7. Stocks are tradeable because their prices change constantly.

It happens to depend on supply and demand about other investments or even general business conditions. This constant fluctuation is what allows investors to make money over time through careful investment strategies.

Fact #8 Because of the constant fluctuation, you must be careful when buying stocks. 

Never buy more than 5 percent of your net worth in a single security, as this is the limit set by the SEC.

Fact #9. Since stocks are traded 24 hours a day, there is a constant demand for shares of a particular company even if the company isn’t doing well. 

You can see this in action daily on individual stock exchanges worldwide and buying, which are operated by securities firms that allow investors to buy and sell stocks from their homes through computers and telephones instead of traveling to a location to meet with brokers personally.

Fact #10. You can make a Dividend Reinvestment Plan ( DRIPS ) out of a dividend-paying stock to let it compound for you automatically. 

This is a great way to turn a small initial investment into a large sum over time as long as your broker is paying dividends regularly and you don’t sell any shares before they gain value.


Stock market investing is the perfect way to secure your financial future while growing your wealth over time. The stock market is an excellent means of distributing the risk throughout the entire economy by enabling investors to take part in a global marketplace where you can get in on winning businesses while also benefiting from the low-risk, high-return strategies of everyday people. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go stock shopping!

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