DigiByte is the Third Most Popular Crypto Asset on Uphold After Bitcoin and XRP

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Every individual trading platform will have currencies that are more popular than others. On Uphold, it appears as if DigiByte is gaining plenty of momentum. It is now in the top 3 assets by purchase volume. 

DigiByte is Moving up Quickly

The Uphold trading platform provides access to several dozen assets and tokens. Top cryptocurrencies are all supported, including the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP, The platform is also used to cash out Basic Attention Token earnings from the Brave browser.

What most people may not be aware of is the amount of altcoins supported by Uphold today. Since the platform isn’t tracked on data aggregators – it is not an exchange, after all – onlookers may not know all of its supported cryptocurrencies. Supported crypto assets include Cardano, ChainLink, NEO, TRON, and so forth. 

DigiByte is the one currency that is quickly rising the ranks. According to the Uphold team, it is the most purchased crypto asset after Bitcoin and XRP. That means it is more popular than Ethereum, for example. A remarkable turn of events, considering how Uphold allows users to convert anything to anything. 

Today, over 110 forms of money can be converted to and from DigiByte. Given its popularity, it seems as if a lot of traders are exploring this option today. 

The Rise of DigiByte 

Climbing the market cap rankings tends to positively influence the trading volume of a specific crypto asset. Looking at the current rankings, DigiByte comes in 36th place. That is a very solid position to be in. Standing out among 6,000 tokens, assets, and stablecoins is no easy feat.

Ever since April 2020 came around the corner, the DGB value has exploded. Its value went from $0.004 to $0.0187 in relatively quick succession. At one point, the DigiByte value pushed to $0.025, but that momentum couldn’t be sustained for very long. 

What has Happened Recently?

Contributing factors to this success are not hard to find. Many people feel that DGB has always been popular, primarily due to its advanced blockchain technology and growing community. 

Secondly, it seems as if DigiByte will be coming to India in the near future. A remarkable decision, given India’s stance on cryptocurrencies in recent years. Keeping an eye on this venture may prove rather worthwhile, assuming it can be achieved.

An iOS application for DigiByte will be coming to iOS in the near future as well. This application will have support for DigiAssets. Bringing native ecosystems to mobile users is of the utmost importance in this modern day and age. 

Other developments include how EGW Capital is looking to leverage DigiByte’s technology for real estate tokenization. There is also the recent listing of DGB on the Binance exchange, which generated a lot of buzz. Last but not least, DigiByte may be coming to Coinbase soon, albeit that has not been confirmed as of yet.

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