Dex-Trade lists Tron Powered Cryptocurrency PHUCKS


PHUCKS has been listed on Dex-Trade, a centralised cryptocurrency exchange based in the United Kingdom. PHUCKS is a digital brand token aimed at promoting values of anti-establishment, danke humor, and a good time. It allows customers to earn PHUCKS with their purchase at its store, the android app, and chrome extension in chrome web store. PHUCKS is not an ordinary Meme Coin, but one with real purpose.

Details on the listing

It is vital for cryptocurrencies to be listed in top exchanges to allow users to trade, exchange and hold their tokens. Listing in a well-known exchange opens the token up for more users across the world, due to the ease of access to the exchange, security of tokens, and a wide selection of tokens to exchange with. Dex-Trade has low commissions and offers a host of order types to help traders manage different scenarios, which has attracted many to the platform. Getting listed on Dex-Trade is meant to open the token to trading and the public. Therefore, holders can gain value by holding and trading as well as easily transfer to others at a minimal fee.

Through this listing, PHUCKS through Dex-Trade is providing token holders with a secure, reliable, and stable environment for trading PHUCKS Coin. Dex-Trade has both a web interface and a mobile application, serving the needs of different traders. Token holders have more options on ways to use their PHUCKS Coins, apart from making purchases on the online store.

Since this is among the first PHUCKS exchange listings, it will play a huge role in the reception of PHUCK Coin in the market. The choice for the listing platform for every token is crucial, as the larger the platform, the more users it can reach, and the more liquidity it can offer. The trading pair will be announced soon for investors and traders to enjoy exchange benefits.

About Dex-Trade

Dex-Trade is one of the most technically equipped crypto exchanges, offering merchants an easy-to-use interface with great transaction security. The platform boasts of the most comprehensive range of security measures and risk control protection in the industry.



PHUCKS is a TRC-20 token with its own online store that sells various products including clothing, phone cases, and other accessories where customers can earn PHUCKS as a reward for their purchase. PHUCKS is focused on building value by creating real use cases of its token. 

Unlike other popular meme coins in the market that rely on popularity to influence the value of their tokens, PHUCKS is focusing on creating use cases such as creation of reward mechanisms like loyalty points and VIP bonuses and a mobile app game to ensure brand loyalty, price stability and growth.

PHUCKS’ main goal is to build the platform, keep growing the community and promote the Tron blockchain technology on which it is built. The platform has therefore planned to add more features in future such as development of mobile games and other advancements conceived by its creative team to ensure there is growth to satisfy market needs.

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