Deutsche Digital Assets Unveils Multi-Asset Crypto ETP

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Deutsche Digital Assets (DDA), a German leader in digital asset management, is poised to disrupt the crypto investment landscape. The company introduced its groundbreaking multi-asset crypto exchange-traded product (ETP).

An Exciting New Launch on the Horizon

Named the DDA Crypto Select 10 ETP, this novel offering is expected to make its trading debut on Deutsche Börse Xetra shortly, as announced in a recent official statement by Deutsche Digital Assets.

The ETP brings a fresh perspective and valuable opportunity for both burgeoning investors exploring the crypto domain and seasoned professionals. It offers an inclusive range of the most prominent digital assets. 

The purchase of the ETP enables investors to gain exposure to a diversified array of the top 10 crypto assets, ensuring cost-effectiveness. A key feature that sets the DDA Crypto Select 10 ETP apart is its incorporation of lucrative lending and staking rewards.

Proven Value Backed by a Robust Index

The ETP’s value is underpinned by the MarketVector Digital Assets Max 10 VWAP Close Index (MVDAMV), a curated collection of crypto assets. Thus, the ETP’s success is intimately connected to the performance of these selected assets. Furthermore, to deliver paramount security for these assets, they are safeguarded in a robust custody solution offered by SheeldMarket SAS.

Dominik Poiger, DDA’s Chief Product Officer, underscores the exceptional value proposition the ETP offers to investors. Poiger asserts that the ETP provides an authentic reflection of a general index, affording a truthful depiction of the crypto market’s ebb and flow.

European investors can anticipate gaining access to the DDA Crypto Select 10 ETP on Deutsche Börse Xetra, identifiable by the unique ticker symbol “SLCT”. The identifiers ISIN DE000A3G3ZD0 and WKN A3G3ZD will also assist investors in tracking this innovative product.

Meeting the Rising Demand for Regulated Crypto Investment

In tandem with a growing interest in digital assets and an unparalleled demand for regulated crypto investment avenues, DDA has positioned itself as a foremost destination for investors seeking a safe, reliable entry point into the enthralling realm of crypto assets.

The launch of this ETP aligns with an uptick in the availability of crypto-focused ETPs on the global market. A Bloomberg report highlighted that a record six crypto ETPs were introduced in March alone, the highest count since September 2022. The ETC Group also joined the growing list of ETP providers, listing its Ethereum PoW-based ETP on XETRA last September.

With its new multi-asset crypto ETP, Deutsche Digital Assets is undoubtedly discovering a niche in the fast-paced crypto investment scene. It offers a promising, well-structured investment vehicle for investors keen on exploring the intriguing world of crypto assets.

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