Dether’s Mobile Beta App Makes P2P Ether Trading More Accessible

ethereum mobile p2p

Buying and selling cryptocurrency remains a big problem for a lot of users. Despite numerous exchanges and peer-to-peer trading platforms, there is still a growing need for more convenient solutions. Dether may be able to fill this gap accordingly. With its mobile beta app now live, buying and selling cryptocurrency for cash should become a lot easier.

Dether can Shake Things up

Cryptocurrency and convenience are two words which do not mix well together. There is a steep learning curve when it comes to getting involved in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Dether aims to simplify the process of obtaining these currencies. A new mobile application has been launched for Android and iOS to bring this functionality to the masses on a global scale.

The main purpose of Dether is to make Ethereum a lot more accessible. Although there is support for other currencies as well, Ether will take center stage first and foremost. Converting to and from cash will potentially introduce a lot more consumers to cryptocurrency. There is also the option to buy and sell various ERC20 tokens. The list of supported tokens will continually increase as more time progresses.

As one would expect from a mobile application, this trading activity is not linked to any real exchange. Instead, users will complete trades in a peer-to-peer manner, similar to how platforms such as LocalEthereum operate in this day and age. Even so, a mobile experience seems to be more meaningful in this day and age.

As no funds are owned by external parties, Dether can be a game changer for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. There are also no fees on behalf of the app developers, and a valuable reputation system has been put in place. Users can also contact one another through the mobile app, with all communication remain safe from prying eyes.

Final Thoughts

The premise of Dether looks incredibly promising. As the team rolls out support for more cryptocurrencies, the mobile offering can offer a lot more value for everyday consumers. Building a decentralized cash-in and cash-out cryptocurrency trading marketplace is a tall order, but it is not impossible to achieve. More competition in this industry is a good thing, especially when the project focuses on decentralization.

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