Despite Market Uncertainty, DigiToads (TOADS) and Near Protocol (NEAR) remain reliable investments to build a strong crypto portfolio in 2023


Amidst the uncertainty looming over the global economy, people are being a lot more cautious about where they are putting their money. Cryptocurrencies have emerged as a dependable industry that has managed to weather storms like regulatory action and market volatility with ease. Market experts who have been rooting for cryptocurrencies feel the sector has a lot of potential given the sheer number of options. Talking about 2023, analysts feel that crypto projects like DigiToads and NEAR Protocol will be among the stars that will shine despite the market uncertainty. DigiToads is an Ethereum-based meme token with a state-of-the-art economic design. Its multidimensional model enables cryptocurrency users to take their exploring opportunities and then earn regular passive income from their assets.

DigiToads: Bringing the best of DeFi on a single platform

DigiToads’ key USP is the way it seamlessly fuses three different cryptocurrencies — meme tokens, a play-to-earn game, and a staking portal — to offer an interface with unparalleled functionality. If you are looking to score a cryptocurrency for beginners, DigiToads fits the bill quite nicely. As a rookie investor, you can look forward to learning about staking assets, trading tokens, swapping crypto coins, participating in Web 3.0 games, and earning rewards for participating actively with the platform. The platform has a native token that’s called the TOADS token and it is used for various transactional purposes on the network.

One can purchase the TOADS token by participating in DigiToads’ 10-phase presale process. While five stages have ended, the project’s sixth presale stage is in full swing.

What makes it a good crypto to buy is not only the multiple opportunities that users get to choose from but also a user-friendly interface that can be accessed by both new and experienced traders with ease. Coming to its blockchain game, it is one of DigiToads’ most popular features. The game requires players to compete for the highest scores. In the end, the winning candidates would be rewarded with TOADS tokens. What’s more, is that players can seek help from a digital breed of creatures — DigiToads — whose special traits can give a player leverage. Players also get to purchase training equipment and potions for their DigiToads. These items can be bought using DigiToads native token. DigiToads themselves can either be purchased or traded.

The trading competitions that the DigiToads team will be organizing every month are another opportunity that crypto holders can use to boost their passive incomes. In these competitions, traders compete to register the highest trade volume in a month. The prize at stake is a portion of the profits they bring in and a chance to learn how to manage the DigiToads treasury.

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NEAR Protocol is likely to stay in bearish territory

Designed as a Layer 1 blockchain, NEAR Protocol provides developers with cutting-edge tools to deploy dApps that are cost-effective and scalable. Its native token is NEAR which is the main medium of exchange on the network. What makes it one of the best crypto for beginners is that it’s a community-managed cloud computing network that roots out challenges like low transaction speed, low throughput, and lack of interoperability among blockchain networks. Using its bespoke consensus mechanism ‘Doomslug’, the NEAR protocol also rolls out unique solutions that solve problems while scaling dApps. Despite being one of the top crypto coins, NEAR Protocol has been witnessing negative price action in the recent past. Considering the market indicators, analysts expect the NEAR Token to stick to the bearish zone for now.


While both DigiToads and NEAR Protocol have managed to prove their mettle in the market, for a lot of analysts the TOADS token is an underdog that has a higher growth potential. Expecting it to cross the 30x mark in the coming months, analysts feel that the TOADS token is a dependable option for those looking to earn long-term gains. Plus, its community-centric governance mechanism gives token holders a chance to grow along with the network.

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.


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