Delnorte, a blockchain platform synonymous with security


Entering the world of the new normal the Blockchain has become more then just digital piece of art, it is well on its way to be part of every business in the next 10 years. This technology has been started by enthusiasts, was supported by speculators, but its destiny is to become the center of every business and public infrastructure.

Blockchain is a powerful and efficient infrastructure capable of solving 2 of the biggest cost reduction challenges to store and protect the originality of data. However, the idea behind the network has mysterious roots. Anonymity is often the worst form of digital existence and experience. On the one hand, everyone gets to participate when making a decision, but on the other hand, there is no one responsible for a bad results, and even more dangerous is that no one knows why these results turned out.

The 50+1 problem and anonymity are a source of confusion that is toxic to business and government infrastructure. These two vulnerabilities are the biggest brake on the integration of blockchain technologies into the business and infrastructure of the state.

How would the world change if Blockchain came out of the shadows and ceased to be a tool of speculation? What if people could use the technology equally? Today such issues as losing all assets by a hack or another collapse of cryptocurrencies, or loosing all data, or network errors, or even worse the loss of identity and voice are real and present threats.

The answer to each question is obvious, create an equal playing field in transparency, security and trust.

Control and Democracy have long moved from the political plane to the technical plane, and in themselves they are extremes that push humanity towards development. But what is the balance in this case? How to express it, in what way should it be measured? Delnorte Holdings inc. aka Delnorte TerraVision aka DTV in 2019, initiated a project that has every chance of becoming a worthy compromise between the natural anonymity of decentralized solutions and the ability for the State and Business to influence the outcome of decisions on the network. This will become possible through the adaptation of blockchains and the formation of managed segments of the network of transaction validators.

According to the white paper descriptions of the Delnorte TerraVision ecosystem, all transactions are signed offline with physical emitter key devices that are almost imposible to hack remotely or on site. The way the technology works is each copy of the key device is transferred to the end user by concluding a contract for use through a regional distributor using a special protocol. And the device itself has its own unique cryptochip, which through the firmware, is rigidly tied to the NFT in the blockchain. This one way link is created when the device is activated and ends once the blockchain transaction has been validated. If the device is tampered with or configured in an improper way, all new transactions are automatically invalidated.

Thanks to an innovative view of security and the determination of the Delnorte team to popularize the technology, it will be possible to apply blockchain to solve the following critical tasks in the near future:

1) Creation of digital passports – SmartID. Through a reliable way of tokenizing digital identity documents and transfer data to the blockchain.

2) Decentralized Payment Solutions. Transformation of bank card or account data into a payment token that can only be decrypted by a network of authorized key devices via the active participation of the owner. The architecture of the solution allows users to send money or assets only to the owner of the key-device and makes it possible to reverse payment in case of an unauthorized or erroneous transaction.

3) Ownership management & deal protection. Ensuring the digitization of real estate and movable property and the transfer of property rights, through proper and secure validation methods.

4) Resource digitalization and supply management flows. Each transaction for the transfer of resources, starting from its tokenization, will be stored in the blockchain, which makes it easy to track its movement around the world from start to finish.

The main strategic advantages of Delnorte technology is the combination of Blockchain, patented hardware and software, and the use of QR and NFC technologies, which together provide a cheap and secure way to integrate with existing e-commerce applications of the huge App stores like Google & Apple.

The Board of Directors is confident that simple things and the trust shown in decentralized technologies will radically change our way of life and the lives of future generations. By protecting the rights of honest and law-abiding people today, we are creating a positive precedent for generations to come.To learn more about DTV please visit us at:

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