DeLabs Announces y00ts NFT Migration From Polygon to Ethereum

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In a recent development, y00ts, a prominent non-fungible token (NFT) project, is set to shift its blockchain allegiance. Merely four months prior, a substantial portion of its NFTs transitioned from Solana to Polygon. Now, Ethereum is its next destination.

DeLabs Takes y00ts Elsewhere, Again

DeLabs, the powerhouse NFT company steering y00ts, made this revelation on its official Twitter handle on August 9. The migration aligns with their strategy for the DeGods NFT collection, which journeyed from Solana to Polygon in the spring months.

December saw the initial announcement of y00ts’ move from Solana to Polygon. This relocation began in earnest on March 28. Two days later, by March 30, Polygon broadcasted that 11,633 out of the 15,000 y00ts NFTs had been successfully bridged.

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DeLabs articulates that this transition is pivotal for harmonizing its y00ts and DeGods communities. DeGods, too, had proclaimed its impending departure from Solana last December and, without missing a beat, kickstarted its voyage from Solana to Ethereum in early April. The sentiment was reflected in y00ts’ statement: “We maintain our affection for Polygon. It’s merely the juncture to integrate the DeGods & y00ts communities.”

Adding another layer to this evolving narrative, the team revealed its intentions of reimbursing a substantial $3 million grant. Initially extended by Polygon Labs in January, this grant aimed to facilitate the NFT migration. “In a gesture of goodwill, we’re reverting 100% of the grant bestowed by Polygon. These funds are earmarked for reinforcing the NFT ecosystem, propelling builders and artisans,” the team declared.

A Big Blow For Polygon and its NFT Ambitions?

The NFT community showcased a medley of emotions post the y00ts announcement. A segment rooted for FrankDeGods, the NFT project’s visionary, extending their unwavering support. Conversely, a particular faction voiced apprehensions, pondering the potential waning prominence of Polygon’s NFT framework.

In this dynamic realm of NFTs, projects like y00ts remain pivotal players under the guidance of giants like DeLabs. Their strategic moves, while often debated, undeniably shape the trajectory of the broader NFT landscape. Only time will reveal the long-term implications of these migrations.

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