Decentralized Trading Platform TMS Continues to Disrupt the Trading Industry as Stacks (STX) And Monero Continue to Soar


As a cryptocurrency investor, you must stay on your toes, especially when it comes to knowing what is hot in the market. Your ability to make profits largely depends on knowing when to buy a coin and when to let go. As such, you must always be on the lookout for the cryptocurrencies with the most potential and use them to diversify your portfolio. Some of the best coins you can use to make a profit in 2023 are TMS, Stacks, and Monero.

TMS: Bringing Decentralization to The Trading Industry

TMS Network (TMSN) is the first decentralized trading platform to offer seamless and enjoyable trading and fast and efficient transaction processing. The platform also offers traders comprehensive resources such as webinars, guides, and videos to guide traders as they develop their knowledge and skills.

TMS is the best platform for traders who are looking to trade in a fast, efficient, and transparent market. Traders get access to a wide variety of asset classes including CFDs, FX, equities, and cryptocurrencies. They also get advanced tools and features to help with risk management and decision-making.

Additionally, traders will have access to real-time data across multiple decentralized exchanges so they can get the best prices on their trades. Developers are not left out of the TMS platform either. They will have access to smart contracts that will help them create decentralized applications for users of the TMS network.

These offerings prove that TMS Network (TMSN) is set to become the top decentralized trading platform and revolutionize the way the trading industry operates.

Stacks Continues to Impress Investors

Stacks has been one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies in the recent past. The STX cryptocurrency has skyrocketed by at least 160% in less than a week, and there are expectations in the market that the cryptocurrency will continue to soar and finally become a multi-billion token.

Most of STX’s growth is a result of the close relationship between Stacks and the much-hyped NFT Ordinals on the bitcoin network. The Ordinals platform allows its users to inscribe references to digital artworks into small transactions on the bitcoin blockchain. The platform launched on January 21, 2023, and has currently risen to a market cap of $1.2 billion.

With its lower fees, faster transaction times, and enhanced security, Stacks is expected to keep growing in the coming months. The clear road map, strong community, and experienced leadership behind the Stacks platform are also a guarantee that the platform is headed in the right direction and will be beneficial to investors and users alike.

Monero Is On the Rise

Monero is an in-demand cryptocurrency that might one day replace the money in our wallets.

Most cryptocurrencies, especially those established earlier on, sought to be a replacement for fiat currency by providing their users with a cryptographic currency that is not controlled by traditional financial institutions. Monero is no different. However, Monero goes a step further by providing private transactions that no one other than the person making the transaction can know about.

With this in mind, it’s not surprising that Monero has been on the rise for the last 3 months and is currently trading at about $150 with a market cap of $2,763,104,972.22.

Final Thoughts

As a cryptocurrency investor who is looking to make the most of 2023, Monero, Stacks, and TMS Network (TMSN) are some of the best coins you can add to your portfolio. From allowing you to make anonymous transactions to giving you access to Bitcoin Ordinals, these coins are your best bet for having a fully diversified portfolio. However, TMS stands out as the expert’s pick because it allows you to transform the way you trade crypto and other assets.


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