Decentraland And Sandbox Lose Almost $10 Billion Combined In 2022. Will Dogeliens Save The Play-To-Earn Industry?


The Sandbox (SAND) and Decentraland (MANA) are the two most prominent play-to-earn games and cryptocurrencies. With market capitalisations equally worth billions why is it that these two games have been slowly sinking into the crypto ocean of irrelevancy?

A famous online game, GTA Online, hosts around 90,000 players every day. According to DappRadar, both The Sandbox and Decentraland host around 600 unique active wallets interacting with the games’ smart contract every 24 hours. Although this does not highlight the number of players, it still paints a clear picture that the crypto-gaming industry could be losing its hype.

While the play-to-earn gaming space suffers amid the 2022 bear market, up-and-coming Dogeliens (DOGET) proves it could have the potential to reignite the crypto gaming fire.

Decentraland Has $4.92 Billion Less Market Cap Then In 2021

Decentraland Cryptocurrency (MANA) logo coin. Two pyramids in front of a sunset

The most famous play-to-earn game in the market right now, Decentraland, is a 3D virtual browser-based platform game where users can buy plots of land with the in-game MANA currency. Money can be made by building or designing in-game assets that can then be sold in a marketplace.

While Decentraland is a pioneer in the crypto gaming industry, it has also been plagued by numerous technological issues, including outdated graphics and problems with voice chat. Another huge factor that is putting potential gamers and investors off Decentreland is how empty the world feels in terms of player activity.

Unless developers of Decentraland begin to find innovative ways to improve the Decentraland experience, investors will begin to look to other play-to-earn platforms such as Dogeliens instead.

A $4.4 Billion Loss For The Sandbox In 2022

The Sandbox is the second market-leading play-to-earn game on CoinMarketCap. Developed both for mobile phones and Windows, The Sandbox was released on mobile 2012 and on PC in 2015.

Known for its blocky aesthetics not too dissimilar to the famous Minecraft and Roblox games, The Sandbox has made a range of adventurous collaborations with celebrities and companies such as UK bank HSBC and Gorden Ramsey’s Hell Kitchen.

Unfortunately, The Sandbox suffers from many of the same issues as Decentraland: unimpressive graphics and a lack of daily online players to interact with. However, its accessibility by phone or computer does make the game more available for anyone to play.

Only time will tell if The Sandbox will be able to survive the crypto winter or succumb to new and emerging play-to-earn games like Dogeliens.

Dogeliens Is Coming To Save The Play-To-Earn Industry

After a terribly performing year for the crypto market, Dogeliens (DOGET) provides some semblance of hope for play-to-earn fans.

Still, currently in its presale, Dogeliens has a lot of neat features to offer (one of those being a play-to-earn game). The native currency, DOGET, can be invested into a unique NFT, which will allow players to enter the game.

Players can battle one another or team up with three other friends in Pup-litter (squad mode) to upgrade their Dogelien NFT. The goal of battle mode will be to improve the puppy until it is more valuable and can eventually be sold.

An alternative to battle mode is exploring the Dogelien world, where players can discover cool and fun activities to participate in. Likewise, a mode called ‘Walkies time’ will enable players to take their Dogelien for a walk across different landscapes in Puptopia.

Additionally, Dogeliens offers much more than play-to-earn features such as free education content to DOGET holders, the ability to vote on a charity to be donated to and a Dogelien Pupstore (Merch store). Altogether, Dogeliens offers a rich and diverse community experience. Something that is arguably lacking in both Decentraland and The Sandbox.

This new play-to-earn meme currency definitely has the potential to save the crypto gaming industry, which in recent months has stagnated due to its lack of community and incentive.

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