Decentral Games Is Building A Free-To-Play Poker Offering

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Play-to-earn gaming is a prevalent trend in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space today. Players can earn money by playing a game and claiming ownership of their items. Decentral Games aims to build a P2E version of Poker with the help of the ICE Token. 

Play-to-earn Poker Is A Thing

When people think of play-to-earn games, they will often envision RPGs, action games, or pet-based options. Those three models have proven to be successful in this industry, although there are numerous options to explore. Play-to-earn poker has not been tried yet, although the concept holds merit. Although Decentral Games is still developing the metaverse poker project, it puts a different spotlight on blockchain gaming.

Known as ICE Poker, the game will let players earn real money by completing challenges. Additionally, there is an option to compete against other players through a free-to-play solution. Combining free-to-play and play-to-earn is essential in this industry. Moreover, ICE Poker will have a deflationary in-game currency. That should prevent players from flooding the markets with ICE, as many other games see their native tokens’ values fluctuate wildly. 

As is customary in the play-to-earn business, players will need to acquire one exclusive Iced NFT wearable. These items can range from dress shoes to suit and tie. Acquiring these NFTs is possible through purchase or delegation. After the NFT acquisition, players receive a set amount of chips to compete in the new game by Decentral Games.

ICE Poker, as a play-to-earn poker game, lets users earn rewards through various activities. Daily check-ins, challenges, daily leaderboards, NFT delegation for passive revenue share, and minting new NFT wearables are all possible. Furthermore, players can mine ICE to sell to other players. There are many different facets to the game that can prove beneficial. All wearables offer unique bonuses to earn more ICE rewards. 

Delegation is Crucial

The option to delegate NFTs – either as a new player figured out how online poker works or non-fungible token owner – is intriguing. NFT Owners can earn passive revenue from the ICE won by their NFT. Those who want to play this play-to-earn poker game do not have to buy an NFT but can participate through delegation and the associated revenue split. Players will earn ICE and XP from Ice Poker gameplay to mint rarer NFTs with higher reward rates. For delegated NFTs, only the owner will receive XP.

Collecting NFTs – either through delegation or otherwise – will give players more Chips every day. Having more chips allows users to play more play-to-earn poker through the ICE Poker solution. 

It is expected that Decentral Games will launch its free-to-play poker solution in October 2021. Various launch partners are in place to make ICE Poker a successful project. 

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