Day 1 Jointer Investors Pocketed a 490.17% Increase in Value in Less Than 3 Weeks

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Binance Smart Chain’s real estate-backed DeFi venture Jointer has proven to be lucrative for early investors. An investor who jumped in on the first day of the platform going live has secured a significant profit less than three weeks later. On Day 1 of the Auction, JNTR was sold for $0.01 and is now over $0.43. Each day starts with a discount of over 99%, which is incredibly appealing and shows the depth of the Game Theoretic modeling present in the Daily Auction feature. 

Making Money With Jointer

Looking at the real estate-backed DeFi platform, the potential for future profit becomes apparent immediately. It all begins with the Daily Auction, and the JNTR token price discount provided to investors. With a default discount of 99%, every day is a new opportunity to make money where this platform is concerned. This is also the reason why the Jointer platform has won so many awards and receives a lot of praise globally.

The first public Daily Auction kicked off on September 28, 2020. A total of $6,1800,.27 was invested through Jointer, netting investors a JNTR token discount of 69.2%. It is worth mentioning JNTR was valued at $0.2956 at the time, a 2,956% increase compared to the initial private sale price of $0.01. Due to the discount, investors received their tokens at the price of $0.0911. JNTR Has seen a meteoric rise in value ever since its launch, and that trend still continues today. The JNTR face value has not decreased in nearly a month showing that the decentralized mechanism in the deeply engineered JNTR smart contract is working properly.  

Ever since that time, more and more investors have found their way to Jointer. Every day, new batches of JNTR are sold at a discount to investors. At the same time, the JNTR token value continues to rise, and sits at $0.4360 today. Based on those figures alone, an investor purchasing 1,000 tokens on September 28th would have spent $91.1, while receiving $295.6 in JNTR token value.

Fast forward to today, and those same tokens are worth $436 at face value. Compared to the $91.1 invested, that is a net 478.5% increase in value over the course of just under three weeks. The investor didn’t have to do anything either, as they could just keep the funds in their wallet and let it accumulate value in the process. Although the specific transaction was not followed, currently over 3,800,000 JNTR are staking from Auction investments.

Staking is a Lucrative Option too

Even though that alone would be enough to satisfy a lot of investors, there is an option to stake one’s JNTR balance on the platform. Current statistics indicate the potential APY is 52%, with staking rewards being issued to users every single day. This rate is far more appealing than storing funds in a savings account, or not putting one’s existing crypto assets to work.

Assuming the day 1 investor – who spent $91.1 to receive 1,000 JNTR – decided to stake coins, they would have earned 17 stake rewards by now. Extrapolating the 52% and converting that to a 17-day period, it equals a 2.4219% increase in holdings, or an extra 24.19 JNTR. That brings the investor’s total balance 1,024.19 JNTR tokens, all of which benefited from the ongoing token price rise.

As such, that same investor has $446.54 in value today, equal to a 490.17% increase in just 17 days.. Such returns on investment are very rare, even in the cryptocurrency industry. More importantly, the initial investment made through Joitner is covered by the platform’s 90% Downside Protection. 

Judging by these numbers, investing in the platform is a no-brainer.

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