DataGrid’s Hyper-Scaling Blockchain Token-Sale is Now Live

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Taking advantage of the full global internet’s bandwidth to scale a blockchain network is an approach that hasn’t been attempted before. DataGrid Blockchain is a unique creation in this department, as it highlights the potential of blockchain’s carding to achieve new levels of adoption. The DataGrid private presale is now running, and is due to finish on the 13th February.

Faster Internet & Bandwidth Caps

One of the many reasons blockchain technology in its current form is unable to scale is due to technological boundaries, such as the amount of bandwidth to be used to process data and financial transactions. In the real world, there is an ongoing debate as to whether internet bandwidth is genuinely a finite resource or whether ISPs are merely trying to manipulate users into thinking they need to “take it easy” with consuming data on the internet. 

At the same time, these ISPs attempt to increase overall internet speeds globally every year, allowing users to consume data quicker regardless of which device they are using today. There is little point in expanding the overall network speed if data can be consumed in small bits simultaneously, although this speed increase can serve certain blockchains very well. 

As the internet keeps growing, evolving, and becoming faster globally, so too will the DataGrid Blockchain, as it operates through sharding and processes network activity in parallel. Sharding is not a new technique, as the Ethereum 2.0 ecosystem will go down a similar route, even though it remains unclear when this will happen and what it means for its current users and network applications built on top of ETH. 

DataGrid Blockchain will maximize the current global internet speeds and any future increases that may occur anywhere in the world from a future scaling point of view. Tapping into what seems to be an abundant resource and using it to evolve one’s blockchain ecosystem is crucial for bringing this technology to the masses in this modern, digital age. 

The DGT Token Sale is Now Live

Anyone who is enthusiastic about the promise of DataGrid Blockchain and its future scaling potential should pay attention to the ongoing DGT token sale as a way to acquire the native network token at an early and fair price. Once you successfully complete the whitelisting process on Blockpass, access will be granted to the DGBLabs ongoing community presale – where DGT is currently valued at $0.005 per token –  and its associated token bonuses – depending on how much money users contribute – which runs until February 13th unless the project’s hard cap of $25 million is reached before this date. 

Starting on February 14th is the DGT DeFi listing on the Balancer platform, allowing the team to leverage the Liquidity Bootstrap Pool and prevent both, bots and whales from entering the market and triggering ongoing volatility to erode confidence in DataGrid Blockchain project. For the team, it is crucial to provide a safe and secure investment environment to all users, including the use of a reclining mechanism to dissuade users from paying too much by committing too early at too high a price.

The main benefit of this approach is how it creates a scenario akin to the Dutch auction concept, wherein users can place their bids for DGT over an extended period of time and acquire assets at their preferred prices. It is then up to community members of DataGrid Blockchain to determine where the fair price level is and what the final valuation of the DGT token is. 

A Closer Look At The Team

Saying you will build a globally scalable blockchain network and effectively doing so are often two different things in the technology industry, yet DataGrid Blockchain and its parent company Prasaga are very serious about unlocking the full potential of the internet. Embarking on this ground-breaking mission would not be possible without the necessary knowledge or experience in the field, as one simply doesn’t build the best-scaling blockchain from scratch and hopes for the best. 

Prasaga team members have ample experience with building hyperscaling solutions by working for some of the biggest names in the technology industry, including Oracle and Microsoft. These companies have successfully made their mark on the software and hardware we use today and will continue to seek out the boundaries of what one can achieve, similar to how DataGrid Blockchain will transform people’s perception of blockchain technology. 

By going beyond where any other blockchain ecosystems have gone before, DataGrid Blockchain will help establish the foundation for an interconnected world where decentralized applications, products, and services take center stage and empower their users. Reaching the full potential of this technology requires tapping into the most common resource on the planet and pushing the boundaries of how quickly data can be processed by a network spanning multiple shards in parallel. 

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