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Dash is expanding its reach in the payments industry. The FastPass network caters to professional traders and provides an enhanced user experience. 

  • The FastPass network comprises dozens of strategic partners, with more to be added in the future.
  • All partners receive accreditation for providing an enhanced user experience through the integration of ChainLocks or InstantSend.
  • Key partners include Coinbase, Liquid, Hummingbot, WhiteBIT, and several other exchanges and service providers.
  • Traders will be given access to many different tools, including OTC, trading bots, lending, staking solutions, and so forth.
  • Through FastPass, users can deposit, withdraw, and trade Dash faster and in a more secure manner than ever before. 
  • Because of Dash’s near-instant transactions, trading bots will continue to play a role of importance. 
  • Educational Dash content is being built to simplify and consolidate the available information regarding the FastPass Network into articles and videos. 
  • Accessing the trading portion of the network can be done here. The educational side is still in development, and should go live in early October 2020.

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