Dash (DASH) Halts After Recent Failed Upgrade: Uwerx (WERX) Breaks New Grounds On Presale


Uwerx has had an exciting presale so far, and smart investors have been accumulating WERX tokens all the way up on the presale. The new project has raised over $1 million, and such a milestone is a sign of explosive price pumps to come after the launch. With its unique blockchain-based solution, the new freelance project seeks to contribute immensely to the global gig market. The presale is an opportunity to buy in low, below market, and set yourself up for some exciting price action after launch.

Dash(DASH) Recent Upgrade Faced A Brick

Dash(DASH) is the earliest privacy token prominent for its focus on secure, fast, and private transactions. To enable features like PrivateSend for increased privacy and InstantSend for nearly instantaneous transactions, it offers a unique two-tier network structure that combines miners and master nodes. Dash has grown in popularity among retailers and customers thanks to its accessibility and user-friendly interface. Thanks to continued development and a committed community, Dash keeps establishing itself as a dependable and flexible digital currency.

In recent news, Dash(DASH) stopped processing transactions and creating new blocks on Monday for nearly 16 hours following a failed network upgrade. A Dash Core developer Pasta tweeted that the team had located the problems and was developing a solution some hours after the incident. According to Pasta, blocks, and transactions on the Dash blockchain will not be regarded as final until an upgrade is released.

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The blockchain broke into two chains that ran concurrently after the developers conducted a hard fork that added a new node type and caused chaos. Dash(DASH) is still highly regarded for the privacy features it provides, and it’s one token to watch out for.

Uwerx(WERX) Is Impressive On Presale, And It Means Only One Thing

Uwerx has such impressive progress on presale, and it only means one thing, which is profit for early investors. The market hasn’t seen many presale opportunities in the past few years, and it’s not letting this unique chance go. Uwerx is an amazing freelance solution built on the Ethereum blockchain and is primed for massive growth after launch.

The freelance industry is projected to be worth 9129.6 million by 2026, as reported by Forbes, and Uwerx has quite the market share to claim from this highly valuable industry. Uwerx is a blockchain-based solution that allows for some innovative features that provide an edge over predominant platforms in the industry, such as Upwork and Fiverr.

Uwerx is a decentralized platform, and because the profit does not go to any central firm, the fee is as low as 1%, and users do not need to subscribe to premium for more exclusive features on the site. WERX serves as the network’s utility token, providing holders with a stake in governing the platform.

Enter the WERX presale now at $0.041 and get 15% bonus tokens on your purchase.

Presale: invest.uwerx.network

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Website: https://www.uwerx.network

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