Dark Galaxies – a bridge between reality and the virtual world

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The idea to transfer the trading card game to the blockchain turned out to be fruitful and beneficial for Dark Galaxies. In any case, its developers from How Fats Ya Cat Pte. Ltd. think so.

A road from Dark Galaxies to nowadays

Dark Galaxies are stellar worlds that humanity will face in the near future when it unites and acquires real power. Going out to new planets, humanity will suddenly discover that it is not alone in the universe. We have to meet with five other races at least. In Dark Galaxies they are called factions: Creature, Android, Jujari, Order of the Luma, the Dread. Also, Humanity will discover that there are 2400 planets, 400 planets per faction. Each planet is initially divided into 25 land plots. The one who owns the planet can use its resources, and lands, and must also defend it from attacks by other players. Each of the six factions has 10 characters. Each faction follows its own interests, enters into battles for planets and lands, and is equipped with weapons and tools for mining. All this takes place in the virtual world. But Dark Galaxies has a secret of its own.

Virtual game with real artifacts

The key point of Dark Galaxies is its interconnection with the real world. The developers are supposing that the players feel more involved if the game is present not only in the virtual world but also in reality. For this, books with stories from Dark Galaxies are published, and for this, poker chips with colorful characters of the game are released. The books are available as a paperback version for purchase through Amazon. There is also a PDF version pegged to NFT. Loyal players can purchase the entire bundle. The poker chips are collectibles to make gamers feel connected to the game in real life. They are kind of the “fiddle toys” like poppets, fidget spinners, squishy balls, etc. They are purchasable from the website and are delivered worldwide.

Game scenarios

The gamers can choose from the four game options as they wish, two of which are controlled by artificial intelligence (AI.)

Single Player means the gamer plays against AI to test his skills and strength with his set of card decks before taking it into battle.

Play Now option means that AI will seek and match an opponent of similar strength to fight for winning.

Create Game – this option means that the gamer creates his own match to battle against.

Planet Management means a planet owner struggles for his planet and its resource, recruiting defenders and managing mining with the highest possible reward.

Game economics backed by tokens

Dark Galaxies could be only one of thousands of games but there is the token system that powers its economy. The two native tokens Duterium (DTX) and Duterium Refined (DTF) run on the WAX ​​blockchain in the Atomic Assets structure. NFTs are also minted and traded at the AtomicHub.

Duterium (DTX) is the main token of the game, rewards are paid with DTX for the defending of planets and for their attacking, lands on planets are bought and sold for DTX, and passive income is paid in DTX to planet owners. There is a hard limit of 1 billion DTX tokens created. DTX is also used to buy the mining tools for mining a very valuable raw material that is on every planet – Duterium Refined (DTF).

DTF is the fuel for interstellar travel. A gamer just needs enough DTF to be able to send his troops to defend his planets or to attack new planets. DTF is also the mining reward currency allocated to each planet. It is distributed to the player as a result of a successful mining attempt. There is a maximum supply of 100 billion Duterium Refined (DTF).

As for NFTs – all cards in card packs are pegged to NFTs with different pricing depending on the rarity. There are five increasing rarity levels: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and 3D. Different NFTs are minted for characters, planets, lands, and mining tools. Each NFT-type has its specific set of attributes, counting from 7 to 11. All the NFTs will live in the Dark Galaxies collection. Currently minted NFTs are available at AtomicHub, a one-stop solution for creating, trading, buying, and selling NFTs.


Dark Galaxies is the new NFT-game with GameFi. The key point is its interconnection with the real world by means of books and collectible poker chips. P2E feature makes the game up-to-date and attractive to those gamers who are fond of crypto.

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