Daily DeFi Watchlist: WING, IDLE, COMP, BEL, EASY

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When Bitcoin goes in the red, alternative markets will often follow suit. Some DeFi assets are very different in that regard. Chasing the pump is never advisable, however. 

WING (Wing Finance)

The number one performing among DeFi assets today is WING, the native asset of Wing Finance. Unlike Bitcoin, this asset notes a robust 71.6% price increase. This pushes the value to $20.26, which will please a lot of speculators. The current price is only up by 190% compared to the recent all-time low, though. 


It is not uncommon to see specific assets make the DeFi watchlist twice in relatively quick succession. For IDLE, today’s 28.4% gain is rather spectacular. Overall market conditions don’t facilitate an uptrend, after all. Pushing for that all-time high of $9.16 is not out of the question, but that is not easy.

COMP (Compound)

Serving as one of the oldest DeFi assets to gain any notoriety, Compound performs relatively well given the current market situation. With a 19.2% price increase in the books, the COMP value now sits just above $169 again—a strong bounce following the recent sideways trading behavior. 

BEL (Bella Protocol)

For anyone not familiar with Bella Protocol, it is a suite of DeFi products designed to introduce crypto banking to a broader audience. Its native asset, known as BEL, notes a 15.3% price increase today, pushing its value to $1.42. This is still 85.8% lower than the all-time high value recorded three months ago. 

EASY (EasyFi)

Most enthusiasts will be familiar with the EASY asset, prominent in the DeFi industry lately. With a 9.2% price increase to take note of, it now has a value of $8. The all-time high of $10.86 comes within reach again, although there is no reason to get ahead of oneself. There is still plenty of work to be done before that even becomes a talking point.

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