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Another eventful day of trading is in the books for all major cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is still trying to find a solid support level, but DeFi tokens seemingly have fewer constraints. Several of them continue to note impressive gains. 

SYN (SynLev)

Even though we first touched on this DeFi asset just yesterday, the SYN value seems to continue its uptrend. With another 108% gain in the books, things are certainly heating up for SynLev.  Impressive figures for a token that has nearly more trading volume than market cap.  The latest all-time high was reached 8 hours ago, thus there is room for further profit. 

SUSHI (Sushi)

It has not been a good start for SUSHI and Sushiswap, but the project appears to be hitting its stride. As a “better Uniswap”, the trading platform has high expectations to meet. The SUSHI token has appreciated by 23.3% in the past day, pushing its value back to $1.48. There is still a long way to go to fully restore confidence in the project, though.

HAKKA (Hakka Finance)

Whereas some DeFi protocols tend to lose traction fairly quickly, speculators continue to express an interest in Hakka Finance. More specifically, they pay attention to the HAKKA asset, resulting in another 17.8% price increase. currently valued at just over twice the value from the recent all-time low, it remains unclear what will happen to this asset specifically. 

HGET (Hedget)

Another recurring DeFi token on the daily watchlist is HGET. It has yielded a very strong performance despite the recent shenanigans affecting all major cryptocurrencies. A 14.7% increase in price in 24 hours is respectable, given the current market sentiment. Its current value confirms HGET is breaking away from the recent all-time low, although caution remains advised. 

CVP (PowerPool Concentrating Voting Power)

Although this project doesn’t have the most marketable name, CVP seems to be getting a lot of attention. Similar to most DeFi tokens, the current price action is primarily based on speculation. A 17.3% increase in value is respectable, however. Reaching the all-time high is still 84.3% away, thus investing with caution and the right expectations. 

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