Daily DeFi Watchlist: SYN, JST, CREAM, SUSHI, HAKKA

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As Bitcoin unsuccessfully tries to reach a new all-time high once again, most people remain focused on the DeFi market. With multiple tokens noting strong gains, it is not hard to see where the excitement comes from. How long these tokens can remain in the green, is a different matter. 

SYN (SynLev)

For the third time in quick succession, SynLev‘s native DeFi token is noting strong market momentum. Keeping in mind how it increased by 1,099% in the past 30 days, that is not entirely too surprising. For today, there is a 25.8% gain in the books, pushing the value to $0.609. The all-time high, recorded 4 days ago, is coming within reach once again. 


It doesn’t happen every day we see a TRON DeFi token making the watchlist. In fact, it is the first time this happens altogether, which is surprising. The value of JST still remains low in USD value – at just $0.027 – but it represents a 25.2% gain on the day.  For now, it is still 68.4% below the all-time high, but there is some interesting progress being made regardless. 

CREAM (Cream)

The native asset of Cream.Finance has undergone a bit of a transformation as of late. After facing some struggles, it now continues to note solid growth on a regular basis. In the past 24 hours, the 13.7% increase pushed the DeFi token’s value to $63.25 again. Again, the all-time high remains well out of reach, even under the current circumstances. 

SUSHI (Sushi)

In recent weeks, there has been some genuine excitement regarding SUSHI, the token associated with Uniswap clone SushiSwap. Following some turbulent times, the value of this DeFi token has begun to appreciate again. Even today, there is an 11.1% increase. Remaining down from the all-time high by 99% doesn’t necessarily bode too well, considering how the all-time low was recorded 27 days ago. 

HAKKA (Hakka Finance)

It almost becomes normal to expect a DeFi asset like HAKKA to make this list at least once per week.  Although a 7.9% daily price increase may not seem too spectacular, it is a continuation of the month-long uptrend. Currently valued at $0.0634, one HAKKA is still worth 94.4% less than the all-time high. It will take a lot of momentum to overturn this situation. 

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