Daily DeFi Watchlist: SYN, INDEX, NMR, SFI, CAKE

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During the weekend, the crypto markets don’t perform too well. This weekend is no different in that regard. As far as DeFi assets are concerned, there is some market action to keep speculators engaged. 

SYN (SynLev)

At least once per week, SYN makes the DeFi watchlist due to a strong performance. Today is no different, thanks to a 19.9% increase in value. At a current value of $0.8534 and a market cap of over $15 million. SYN seems to head in the right direction. The all-time high of $1.05 is not that far away. 

INDEX (Index Cooperative)

Not too long ago, INDEX appeared on the DeFi watchlist for the very first time. An exciting development, as new DeFi tokens often struggle to make an impact right away. There is a 13.2% increase in the past 24 hours for INDEX, pushing its value to $4.32. The all-time high of $28.83 remains well out of reach, though. It remains unclear what will happen in the final weeks of 2020. 

NMR (Numeraire)

When it comes to DeFi assets, NMR has made the daily watchlist just once so far. A bit surprising, given how it has a double-digit value. Today, one NMR is worth $34, thanks to an 11% price increase.  For now, this market is relatively stable, and no unexpected changes seem to materialize. 

SFI (Saffron.finance)

Similar to other DeFi assets on this list, SFI tends to do its own thing. Following a 12.9% price gain, one SFI now has a value of $436.55. A more than respectable performance, even though the project has a market cap of below $15 million. Two weeks ago, SFI noted an all-time high of over $1,000. Reaching that level again will be difficult.

CAKE (PancakeSwap)

It is the season for pancakes, and PancakeSwap is getting a lot of attention. Standing out among the other food-themed DeFi platforms is no easy feat. Currently priced at $0.49, the value of CAKE looks relatively healthy. It is 68.1% away from matching its all-time high, recorded two months ago. 

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