Daily DeFi Watchlist: SFI, COL, CREAM, AKRO, DHT

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Even though Bitcoin remains unsuccessful in breaking the $20,000 resistance, overall market momentum remains bullish. This is clearly visible where the following DeFi tokens are concerned. The quest to make money in this industry continues unabated.

SFI (Saffron Finance)

Standing out as a DeFi platform is very challenging, especially under the current conditions. Dozens of initiatives compete for traction. Saffron positions itself as an asset collateralization platform where liquidity providers obtain dynamic exposure through customized risk and return profiles.  Its native asset, known as SFI, gained 62.8% in value and is now trading at $392.  Interestingly, its all-time high was $1,007, a value recorded 12 days ago. 

COL (Unit Protocol)

It is refreshing to see two newcomers on the daily DeFi watchlist all of a sudden. Unit Protocol lets users contribute a variety of tokens as collateral to mint the USDP stablecoin.  It seems a lot of people express an interest in its native COL token, which gained 46.4% in value today. With the all-time high reached 10 hours ago, anything seems possible at this point. 

CREAM (Cream Finance)

One of the returning DeFi tokens on this watchlist is CREAM. No one will be too surprised about that, as it is still one of the top platforms in the decentralized finance segment. The CREAM value gained 35.4%, rising to $89.43. That said, it has rather bleak trading volume, which may limit its upward potential. 

AKRO (Akropolis)

Another returning DeFi asset on this list is AKRO, the native token of Akropolis. A 24.6% increase in price is nothing to sneeze at. However, for a token that recorded its all-time high over a year ago, one has to wonder where the top is. It currently has a market cap of $26.4 million, which seems fair, all things considered.

DHT (dHedge DAO)

Not much new can be said about dHedge DAO, other than its native DeFi token gaining a lot of value once again. Thanks to a 23.8% increase over the past 24 days, one DHT is now valued at $1.43. That is still 41% down compared to the all-time high, yet that level seems to be inching closer day by day. 

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