Daily DeFi Watchlist: REP, HEGIC, WING, SNX, INDEX

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As Bitcoin blazes past $22,000, many people wonder if alternative markets will be able to keep up. The answer to that question is not that simple. Several DeFi assets still note decent growth, but that situation may not last much longer.

REP (Augur)

Most people know the Augur project as a decentralized prediction market. its native REP token is often subject to speculation, explaining today’s 30% value increase. As the REP value now sits above $20.75, the project inches closer to a $125 million market cap. The REP all-time high of $341.85 may never be reached again, though.

HEGIC (Hegic)

It has been a while since Hegic made the daily DeFi watchlist. Even so, the project still appears to be going strong, despite some setbacks in recent weeks. Currently noting a 19.7% price increase, one HEGIC is valued at almost $0.21. The current all-time high recorded 23 days ago is well within reach. 

WING (Wing Finance)

It doesn’t happen that often that WING makes this watchlist either. Even though it is a prominent DeFi token, the price potential often seems a bit limited. That said, a 9.4% price increase is not that bad. Valued just below $19.5, HEGIC is still only 172% above its all-time low. 

SNX (Synthetix Network Token)

When it comes to promising DeFi projects, Synthetix Network Token tends to be on the list for many people. It certainly is an appealing concept, which explains today’s 11.2% price increase for SNX. Valued at $5.9, the all-time high of $7.84 is not too far off. A few exciting weeks are ahead for this project. 

INDEX (Index Cooperative)

The past few weeks of watching DeFi tokens have featured INDEX regularly. It is one of those assets that tend to rise in value now and then. Today, it notes a 13.9% price increase, bringing its value to $6.81. A push to $7 is not unlikely, but it may take some time to materialize. 

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