Daily DeFi Watchlist: PICKLE, KEEP, ALPHA, DHT, DFD

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Now that Bitcoin sits above the $19,000 mark, it will be interesting to see what happens to alternative crypto assets. In the DeFi space, there are still strong market movers to take into account. Whether they can remain in this position for long, is a different matter altogether. 

PICKLE (Pickle Finance)

Despite suffering from a major hack not that long ago, it seems the overall interest in Pickle Finance isn’t diminishing yet. Despite hitting a 24-hour low of $11.72, the asset quickly bounced back to $20, courtesy of a 58.6% gain on the day. It has more trading volume than before too, which may be a sign of things to come. Do not overlook the security incident, though, as there are still a lto of unanswered questions. 

KEEP (Keep Network)

The Keep Network may ring a bell for some people, as it is the facilitator of the tBTC asset. users can stake ETH for tBTC and earn native KEEP tokens in the process. Competition among tokenized Bitcoin providers on Ethereum has heated up recently. Following a 36.6% price increase, the KEEP value has seemingly overcome the all-time low recorded 7 days ago. A new all-time high remains well out of reach, unless the 94% deficit can be overcome all of a sudden. 

ALPHA (Alpha Finance)

It is almost becoming common to see ALPHA on the daily DeFi watchlist, for some reason. With another 24% increase in the books today, the native asset of Alpha Finance is doing its own thing. It even recorded a new all-time high just 5 hours ago, indicating there is still a lot of room for future growth at this rate. 

DHT (dHedge DAO)

For the second day in a row, DHT makes the DeFi watchlist thanks to strong daily gains. A net 24.1% increase has been recorded, pushing its value to $1.26. This is still 48.3% lower than the all-time high, but that value appears to be inching closer every single day. At the same time, consecutive days of strong gains will require a correction sooner or later.

DFD (DefiDollar DAO)

As a new entrant, the DeFiDollar DAO is a bit of an odd creature. It has audited smart contracts, but its service remains in public beta with all risks associated. As the DFD value now surpassed $0.37 – thanks to a 14.3% increase – it seems as if this project is getting  a lot of attention lately. After the all-time low recorded just yesterday, a strong bounce back was required, for obvious reasons. 

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