Daily DeFi Watchlist: PERP, SUSHI, ALPHA, HAKKA, DFD

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There is a lot of exciting market action taking place in the DeFi segment once again. Every day, there is some good money to be made or funds to be lost. The following five assets all note a strong performance today. 

PERP (Perpetual Protocol)

It is not the first time that PERP makes it to the daily DeFi watchlist. That is interesting, as it shows this asset is capable of retaining and gaining value. Due to significant volatility among decentralized finance assets, that is somewhat of a unique selling point. Today’s 24.3% price increase brings PERP closer to its all-time high, although there’s still 50.9% to go. 

SUSHI (Sushi)

For the fourth time in quick succession, SUSHI makes the watchlist as well. It is a very peculiar DeFi token, albeit one that is seemingly bouncing back strongly after some earlier mishaps. With its value now at $2.27 – an increase of 22.1% – some notable progress has been recorded. 

ALPHA (Alpha Finance)

At least once a week, there is a good reason to pay close attention to DeFi token ALPHA. It tends to see some wild price movements now and then, potentially making people a lot of good money. For today, there is a 19.7% increase, putting it just 10.4% below its all-time high. Whether this trend can continue, is a different matter. 

HAKKA (Hakka Finance)

Just yesterday, we mentioned how the HAKKA asset was putting together a fairly strong performance once again. That trend has seemingly continued for this DeFi token, resulting in a fresh 15.8% increase in value. There is still a lot of room for price action in either direction, thus doing some research seems more than warranted.  

DFD (DefiDollar DAO)

Although most people remain on the fence about how successful this DeFi project may turn out to be, its native asset is performing rather well. Thanks to another 15.9% increase, one DFD is now valued at $0.468 again. Such a strong push is needed for an asset recording an all-time low just 10 days ago. 

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