Daily DeFi Watchlist: FRONT, RSR, AUC, JRT, YAX

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As Bitcoin continues its overall bullish trend, there are some cracks in the facade of alternative token valuations. For most DeFi tokens, this doesn’t seem to matter as much. These are very interesting weeks to make good money, if one is willing to take some risks. 

FRONT (Frontier)

The Frontier project aims to provide a chain-agnostic DeFi aggregation layer. As decentralized finance has expanded well beyond the scope of just Ethereum itself, there needs to be some sort of agnostic solution for the different ecosystems. It currently supports different chains, protocols, platforms. and staking. Judging by the value of FRONT – which rose by 23.1% in the past 24 hours – the overall interest in this project may be ramping up. It is another DeFi token bouncing backs strongly after recently hitting an all-time low. 

RSR (Reserve Rights Token)

Building a flexible stool of stablecoins to improve diversification and decentralized governance adoption is an interesting concept. The Reserve team is confident their app will make it easier to buy, hold, and spend digital US Dollars. The native token – Reserve Rights Token – has gained 18.3% in value over the past 24 hours, Albeit RSR is still 30.4% down from its all-time high, it seems things are slowly heading in that direction once again.

AUC (Auctus)

The Auctus ecosystem is designed to introduce on-chain options to the DeFi ecosystem.Making options contracts fungible and transferable is a big undertaking, and it remains to be seen if there is any market demand for this service. Until that can be determined, speculators are eager to make a profit on the native AUC token. A 17.2% increase in value in a day may not seem like much, but it is intriguing regardless. The all-time high is still a long ways away, however. 

JRT (Jarvis Reward Token)

In its current form, the DeFi ecosystem is primarily designed to cater to existing cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Jarvis Network aims to change that narrative by bridging the legacy and decentralized finance ecosystems. Providing universal market access is a tall order, for obvious reasons. As far as the native Jarvis Reward Token is concerned, JRT has risen by 14.1% in the past day. A solid increase, but JRT may not see its all-time high of $0.298584 again in the near future. 

YAX (yAxis)

This particular token has made the DeFi watchlist a few times already, and still keeps noting strong gains. Following a 6.8% increase in value, one YAX is now valued at just over $10. Just five days ago, it hit an ATH of $16.83, which remains within reach, all things considered. The overall trading volume is still higher than YAX’s market cap as well, which is rather interesting. 

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