Daily DeFi Watchlist: DF, COVER, HAKKA, AUC, FIS

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Today’s DeFi watchlist will highlight some intriguing developments in the space. Several assets note solid momentum, even though bitcoin and Ethereum remain stuck in sideways trading. There is still plenty of good money in decentralized finance. 

DF (dForce Token)

When it comes to different DeFi projects, there are quite a few of them to keep in mind. dForce Network, for example, wants to create an interoperable and scalable open finance protocol network. The native asset, known as DF, has risen in value by 123% in the past 24 hours. Its current price is $0.191424, which isn’t far off the all-time low. 

COVER (Cover Protocol)

Seeing COVER make the daily DeFi watchlist two days in a row is not entirely surprising. The asset noted very bullish momentum yesterday, and that trend continues today. Following another 26.4% price increase, the value of this asset is now $1,431. The most recent all-time high of $1,467 is not too far off. 

HAKKA (Hakka Finance)

Many DeFi enthusiasts are aware of HAKKA and its position in this industry. It is one of those assets that seems to gain traction regularly. Today, it notes a healthy 8.7% price increase, bringing its value to $0.077279  again. Even though HAKKA is recording substantial gains now and then, its all-time high value remains far off. 

AUC (Auctus)

Bringing on-chain options to the DeFi industry is the primary mission for the Auctus team. The native AUC asset will play a vital role in this ecosystem. Speculators and traders have pushed its value 4.9% higher to $0.12075. Even so, AUC is trading 89 below its all-time high, primarily due to relatively low trading volume. 

FIS (Stafi)

For a project that aims to leverage the liquidity of staking assets, Stafi has a lot of potential. Especially with Ethereum 2.0 staking gaining momentum, services like these may become all the more crucial. Thanks to a recent 4.7% price increase, one FIS is now valued at $0.811. This is a strong bounce compared to the current all-time low but still far off the all-time high of $2.71. 

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