Daily DeFi Watchlist: DF, COL, BOR, BADGER, HAKKA

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Even on a Saturday, there is money to be made in the cryptocurrency world. As Bitcoin and Ethereum recover some lost ground, the rest of the assets attempt to do the same. Substantial gains remain in place for several DeFi tokens.

DF (dForce Token)

Earlier this week, dForce Token began catching people’s attention all of a sudden. It noted some impressive momentum, which seems to spill over to today. With a new 32% price increase on the charts, one DF has a value of just over $0.25. Judging by the momentum, DF may attempt a run at its all-time high again in the coming months. 

COL (Unit Protocol)

It is not the first time we see COL on the daily DeFi watchlist either. Although its value seems to fluctuate a bit, this past month has proven relatively dependable. Thanks to another 17.6% price increase, COL now has a value of $0.00084. Pushing for that all-time high of five days ago will not come easy, though. 

BOR (BoringDAO)

Although the name might not suggest it, BoringDAO appears anything but boring at this time. As a decentralized asset bridge with cross-chain compatibility, the project can introduce some much-needed DeFi changes. In the price department, BOR gains 16.4%, reaching $221.45 in the process. It is an attempt to hit a new all-time high, which is just 11% away. 


This badger does not appear to be seeking out any mushrooms. However, it is a DeFi asset that is capable of noting strong price momentum. With a 14.1% rise in value, one BADGER is now worth $8.64. There is still a chance to surpass the four-day-old all-time high of $9.72. 

HAKKA (Hakka Finance)

Many of our readers will be happy to see HAKKA making the daily DeFi watchlist for two days in a row. It is one of those assets that can gain 15% in value without batting an eye. As its market cap has now surpassed $13 million again, one has to wonder how high the price will go. At $0.0899, there is still a lot of room for changes in either direction. 

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