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Today is another interesting day for nearly all cryptocurrency markets. Particularly DeFi assets are noting strong growth again, which is always worth keeping tabs on. It is important to enjoy this upward momentum while it lasts.

COVER (Cover Protocol)

The price of COVER is genuinely soaring as of late. It is a bit unclear why the value is skyrocketing so quickly, yet the momentum may not come to an end in the near future either. Thanks to today’s 46.4% price increase, one COVER is now worth over $1,300. A strong performance by this DeFi asset, resulting in a new all-time high just ten hours ago.

INDEX (Index Cooperative)

This is the fourth time we see INDEX in the daily DeFi watchlist. Every time that happens, there is a solid price performance to take note of. Today is no different, as its value sits at $5.19. This is a 19.5% increase, which will please a lot of speculators. Reaching the $10 level will be a bit more difficult, however.


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Welcoming a new asset to the DeFi watchlist is always exciting. In the case of BADGER, it is the native currency of Badger DAO. It is another DeFi-oriented solution involving governance and yield farming. Not necessarily unique, yet people think BADGER is worth nearly $8. It is just 19% removed from the all-time high, recorded 2 days ago.

SYN (SynLev)

Whenever the SYN value rises, DeFi enthusiasts will begin to pay attention. Today’s gain is not too spectacular – just 1.5% – yet it represents a 14% increase in value over Bitcoin and Ethereum. At this rate, SYN is slowly inching closer to yet another all-time high. Whether that can be achieved, is a different matter.


It is the first time the native token of IDEX makes this list. Considering how popular DEXes have become, one would expect things to be a bit different. Even so, IDEX is a DeFi-esque token noting a 12.7% price increase. Currently valued at $0.035, the token still has a long way to go. It is hard to imagine this was worth over $0.4 at one point.

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