Daily DeFi Watchlist: ADEL, AUC, AKRO, AST, COMP

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These are exciting times for the DeFi industry. Following the bullish momentum recorded by Bitcoin and Ethereum, alternative markets are now breaking out. The following assets all note a strong performance once again, although caution remains advised. 

ADEL (Akropolis Delphi)

It is not the first time that ADEL makes the daily DeFi watchlist, nor will it be the last, by the look of things. Every so often, this asset tends to break out. Today, ADEL notes a gain of 24%, pushing its value to $0.36. Considering how ADEL hit an all-time low 15 days ago, the asset needs a strong bounce.

AUC (Auctus)

As the decentralized finance industry grows more competitive, new tokens need to break out sooner or later. In the case of AUC, the native Auctus token, there is a 17.8% increase in value to keep an eye on. With a current value of $0.09595, it is still down by 91.2% compared to its all-time high. That all-time high dates back to May of 2018. 

AKRO (Akropolis)

It is uncanny how ADEL and AKRO often seem to record similar price gains on the same day. Both assets are part of the same ecosystem yet fulfill completely different roles. The value of AKRO gained 12.3%, pushing its price to $0.01143. Even though this gain is respectable, the asset has to find another 81.5% price increase somewhere. 

AST (AirSwap)

The AirSwap project is relatively old in the DeFi world. It is a solution to enable peer-to-peer trading through different applications and tools. Seeing a three-year-old project gain 13.3% in value out of the blue is unusual. Anyone taking a closer look at this project may want to do some thorough research. 

COMP (Compound)

As one of the most significant projects in all of DeFi, Compound maintains its relevance with ease. Although the value of COMP has seen a considerable setback, today yields an 11.6% gain. Currently valued at 62.3% below its all-time high, it will be interesting to see where the momentum takes this asset. 

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